• X-Ray Scanner Illusion




    IT IS NOT REAL X-RAY AND IT DOES NOT USE CAMERA! IT IS A PRANK WITH MOVING PHOTO! (Tilt phone to change direction - PLEASE READ HOW TO)! You will need some practice to make it look real! If you want to start and use it without reading "how to" you should not even download this app!...

  • Cracked Screen Prank




    Most realistic screen crack effect application on Android Market! Now you can use phone as usual before delayed crack pop up! It shows on your phone home screen (no fake pic like in other apps)! Use delay function and give phone to your friend. He will be able to use it as normal until crack...

  • Cracked Screen EX




    Prank your friends! Your screen will look like cracked or scratched and you will be able to use any other app in the same time! Very realistic broken screen effect that may show per one of three triggers: - Crack on shake (you may mark that you dropped your device) - Crack on touch (give it to...

  • Lie Detector Prank




    Best "True or False" Fake Scanner for Android devices! I am using it daily to fool my kids! Now you can exam your family and friends if they are saying true or false! Before trying make sure you know answer to all questions! Fool them you may check if they lie - and they will never lie...

  • Led Flashlight (+widget)




    Very simple LED flashlight! If you have LED at your phone camera you can touch the button to turn it on! It is very simple led torch! Just as simple as that! Now it is even more simple! Use home screen WIDGET from your desktop! Just touch the widget to make a light! Use it without starting the...

  • Led Flashlight Unlimited




    This app is simple LED flashlight with Holo Theme integrated in Unlimited version! If you have LED at your phone camera you can touch the button or widget to turn it on! It is very simple flashlight without any limits nor ADs! Just add home screen WIDGET and touch it to make a light! Just as...

  • Detector Prank




    This application is just a funny fake detector trick to prank your friends! It may detect anything you want! Predefined detectors in the app: - Loser Detector - Idiot Detector - Ugly Detector - Talent Detector - Male/Female Detector - Liar Detector - Smell Sonar - Sexy Detector You may make...

  • IQ Check Prank




    Best IQ scanner available for Android devices! Scan your friends and make them look dumb! Great joke for parties, family meetings, school and everywhere you go! Now you can exam your friends intelligence! Just press point to them, press the button and control the result! You can make them look...

  • Santa Scanner




    Best "Naughty or Nice" Scanner for Android devices! Even real Santa Claus is using it! Now you can check your family and friends if they have been naughty or nice? Do they deserve for a gift from Santa Claus? Great looking Santa-o-meter will make your kids believe you can check if...

  • X-Ray Scanner Unlocker




    This isn't a standalone app. This is Unlocker for "X-Ray Scanner" app. After installing X-Ray Scanner (Free version), this app will unlock all available scans and remove ADs. Search keyword "X-Ray Scanner" in android market, click other apps from this developer or this...

  • Cracked Screen Unlocker




    This isn't a standalone app. This is Unlocker for "Cracked Screen" app. After installing Cracked Screen (Free version), this app will remove it's ADs and upgrade it to Ad-Free Pro version. Search keyword "Cracked Screen" in android market, click other apps from this...

  • WP Stats




    Watch your live WordPress blog traffic stats (charts, page views, referrers, search engine terms & clicks) collected by " Stats" plugin (self hosted & blogs). Much faster and comfortable way for loading stats than mobile web browser! To use this app...

  • Virtual Drums




    Rotate your phone to find 6 percussion instruments from drums set and tap a screen or shake to play on it! Make a real drums concert! You may shake like you would be playing on real drum! Just do not drop the phone ;)

  • Fart Prank




    Fart Prank (aka Farting Machine) is very simple and classical fart joke! Touch the fart to hear farting sound and see fart animation! Now 89 farting sounds included for random playing (Squeaky Farts, Loud Farts, Explosive Farts, Wet Farts, long farts and a lot more!). Make a prank to your...

  • Daily Beauty Tips




    This app will give you 7 great beauty tips that are updated a few times a week! Download it to get beauty tips from top celebrity beauty experts, makeup artists & stylists! Posted on Monday-Friday beauty tips about makeup, body care, Hair care, Nail care, Lips, Eye makeup tips & Eyebrows...

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