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  • Restaurant Coupons




    Eat out at a discount. This app finds the best restaurants near you that offer discounts on Usually you can get a $25 coupon for $10. The coupon comes with restrictions, but is a great way to save when eating out. Check for the biggest discounts, tip, and...

  • Career Personality Test




    Find out what careers match your personality. This assessment will match your values to the occupational values criteria used to classify careers. The test is 20 questions and should take less than 5 minutes. After you fill out the test you will get back a list of careers and an associated...

  • Sleep Forum




    Sleep forum is a place to talk about everything related to sleep. Share your tips and tricks for sleeping better. Discuss how much sleep you get and how much you think you need. Compare sleep products like mattresses, sheets, pillows, and other bedroom furniture. What is the best mattress...

  • Vegetarian Recipes Pro




    The pro version of the vegetarian recipes app. This version is ad free, lets you browse more than the first ten results, and lists the top ~300 most popular ingredients as a starting point. This app searches for recipes on the internet and will send you to web pages for the actual recipes. We...

  • Vegetarian Recipes Lite




    This application allows you to find vegetarian recipes quickly and easily. We search through over a million recipes from all the top recipe sites and filter out the ones that contain meat. The app searches sites like allrecipes, foodnetwork,, recipezaar, grouprecipes, 101cookbooks, bbc...

  • Gluten Free Recipes




    Gluten free recipes is an application that helps you find gluten free recipes. It works by searching through over a million recipes from across the internet and eliminating the gluten containing ones. This app requires internet access. For a demo of how the app will work, try the free...

  • Food Flavor Pairings




    Food flavors tells you what ingredients go well with any ingredient or dish. Enter in your ingredient/dish and a list of ingredients that go well. UPDATE: + and - to add and remove ingredient from your search.

  • Vegan Recipes




    This application finds vegan recipes. It works by searching through over 1,000,000 recipes for recipes that do not include any animal products. For a demo of how this application works, download my vegetarian recipes application. Also check out my Food Flavor Pairings application which helps...

  • Recipe Puppy




    Recipe Puppy is a recipe search engine. Search through over a million recipes from over 30 different recipe sites. Type in your ingredients separated by commas and it will shoot back the best recipes that use these ingredients. Click on a recipe to see the full description and instructions....

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