• Monocular Zoomer Tool

    Monocular Zoomer Tool




    Use you android phone as Monocular. ZOOM in everything you want. Use your phone as an Monocular to zoom everything that you want. Feature: -Maximize camera zoom -Save zoomed images to sdcard -Zoom all the things you want -Real time preview of the zooming Maximize the zooming power of...

  • White Tiger HD Wallpaper

    White Tiger HD Wallpaper




    Are you ready to fly away from the reality for a bit and enjoy the animal world? If you are, take a look at this application (gallery) White Tiger HD Wallpaper. This application has very beautiful pictures of tigers, the white ones. White tigers are one more proove that nature makes miracles....

  • WiFi Hacker PRANK

    WiFi Hacker PRANK




    This is the best android application to prank your friends that you can hack the WiFi networks. This app have software for making jokes with friends about WiFi networks hacks. This is not a harmful software, but it is very useful for fun and entertainment. Prank that you can unlock any...

  • FingerPrint Lock

    FingerPrint Lock




    Start this app and you phone will be LOCKED. To unlock the phone you will have to touch the scanning area. Your friends will be amazed, because this application rejects their fingerprints like a real fingerprint reader, and prevents them to unlock the phone. If you want to get "Access...

  • Hair Trimer Clipper

    Hair Trimer Clipper




    It's a Hair Trimmer for cutting hair ! It's a free hair clipper app for Android. This application it simulate a trimmer. Everything that you need to do is to launch (start) the application and your phone will be able to vibrate and to play a sound that are realistic as doing a real...

  • Popular Movie Quotes Trivia

    Popular Movie Quotes Trivia




    We all enjoy watching movies. What's your favorite movie? This trivia is updated for HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Erricson, and other new devices. In this trivia quiz you can test your movie quote skills. See how well you know classical movie lines and quotes. Here you will find 20 movie...

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