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    Distance and area measurement

    Turn this application on and walk or drive around a region to measure its area. The path length is measured as well. To start a measurement; wait until the GPS reciever is ready and then press start. If the positioning is a litle shaky in the begin, press restart as soon as it has stabilized. Feature requests are welcome.

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    Download Visual geometry calculator Visual geometry calculator icon
    Visual geometry calculator

    The visual geometry calculator allows you to choose geometric objects and helps you to calculate the lengths, angles and areas of these from a minimum of parameters. Specify any angles or lengths, and as soon as any values can be calculated, these are automatically filled in by the application.

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    Download Sugar log Sugar log icon
    Sugar log

    Sugar log is an application that helps the user keep track of his/her blood sugar levels. The application allows the user to save blood sugar values together with a few other parameters such as current health status, in conection with which meal the value was registered, and an optional note. In addition the log, graph and analytics functions prese…

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    Download Colorful Colorful icon

    This application lets you decide the rules for, and to interact with, the evolution of the colors on the screen. A wide variety of visual effects can be achived and several parameters in the cathegories 'drift rate', 'color', and 'resolution' can be played with. Is it useful? Probably not. But amazingly beutiful.

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