• Gold Detector Radar

    Gold Detector Radar




    This application is completely free. Send your friends to Gold Rush ! Discovering gold objects with Gold Detector Scanner can be fun. Using Gold Detector Scanner can impress everybody. The android smartphones are very powerful but they still doesn't have the capability to detect metal or...

  • Police Radar Detector

    Police Radar Detector




    Detect any police car with Police Radar Detector ! Install to you phone for FREE! Fool your friends or have a laugh! Make people think that your phone can detect police car or police officers! This is one of the best prank apps on the market. Find police officer in your neighborhood. Use the...

  • Ghost Detector Simulator

    Ghost Detector Simulator




    It is only an simulation it does not doing a real detection. It is designed to look like real but it is simulator. Ghost Detector act like it is analyzeing nearby energie. Mainly the target are ghost but he act like he can find anything that is near like aliens or UFO objects. You can see the...

  • Antistress Bubble Wrap

    Antistress Bubble Wrap




    Pop Bubble Wrap for Anti-Stress The best free stress relief can be install on you phone as anti-stress bubble-wrap app. Relax your self with popping bubble wrap, and decrease you stress immediately ! Are you feeling stressed ? Do you need a break from every hard day ? This Anti-Stress...

  • Wifi Hacker Prank (bng)

    Wifi Hacker Prank (bng)




    WiFi Hacker prank makes it look like you can hack any WiFi network. WEP, WPA2 or AES encryption. It just present a fancy animations nothing else. Start WiFi Hacker in your friends house and , they will believe that you are really hacking their WiFi network key! Watch the reaction on their...

  • Internet Turbo Booster

    Internet Turbo Booster




    Boost your network signal just by pressing one button! This is the best Turbo Booster and internet Optimizer , that works on placebo effect One click is all it takes to get faster Internet only based on placebo. KEY Features that placebo will produce: • Improves your signal reception •...

  • 4G Booster Turbo

    4G Booster Turbo




    Free 4G Internet Booster application that is based on placebo Install this app and you will never lose signal ! Stay always connected on: - GSM , 3G and 4G - WiFi Features that placebo will produce: - Improved signal reception - Faster internet connections. - Longer battery life - Faster...

  • Binocular zooming

    Binocular zooming




    If you are one of those people who want to see the details this is the application for you. This application can be used as a very useful tool for zooming objects. Zoom in to everything you want , it is very easy just as easy as pressing one button. See the distant objects more closer....

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