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  • loqr


    At loqr we love smartphones and we believe in simplicity. With that, we developed a simple to use Authentication Solution, based in QR code technology, using state-of-the-art cryptographic protocols and supported in smartphones. This solution alleviates the burden of having to type login and...

  • myCryptoQR e-auth


    To alleviate the burden of having to type login and passwords and/or the danger associated with that act in unfamiliar desktops, myCryptoQR let the user simply scan a QR code. Then a state-of-the-art cryptographic protocol authenticates the user behind the scenes and establishes a secure...

  • myCryptoVAULT - it's a VAULT




    myCryptoVAULT is an encrypted, private, confidential and secure digital safe, that allows synchronization, file sharing and collaborative work among multiple environments (Web interface for browser and specific apps for PCs, Macs, Linux, iPads, iPhones and Android devices) and with other users or...

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