• Lightwaver for LightwaveRF™




    This is a 7 day trial version. You can upgrade within the app to unlock full functionality. See Google Plus page at http://goo.gl/QWfRN for more information and for some handy hints and tips that have been posted on the G+ Community page. I do not look at bug reports submitted by the Android...

  • Password Safe Pro




    Password safe with backup/restore to Dropbox This is a trial version that allows a maximum of 10 cards and displays ads. Unlock trial by purchasing an unlock key within the app or as part of a license bundle at www.kuffs.co.uk. The unlock key will remove the ads and allow unlimited cards....

  • UK Police Crime Database




    Uses data from www.police.uk which is supposed to be updated monthly. The app only displays available data so there is nothing I can do if it is out of date or incorrect. Complain to your local police force who supply the data if you believe the data to be wrong....

  • Kuffs UDP Tester




    Very simple app that allows transmission of a short UDP message and optionally receives a response.

  • Password Safe Lite




    Internet Free version for those of you who do not like putting your passwords in an app that has internet access. Try this app for as long as you like by using Password Safe Pro. ITS THE SAME APP but with less permissions. Come back and buy this if you like it. Password safe with backup/restore...

  • Password Safe Pro License




    This license app is now OBSOLETE. Do not buy unless you are unable to use in app billing. From Version 3 onwards, Password Safe Pro uses in app billing to upgrade from the trial version and so does not need a separate license. This license will continue to be available for previous purchasers...

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