• Booster for android

    Booster for android




    Booster for Android Mobile , Booster for android tablets. If your mobile or tablets is working very slow so you often reboot phone or you just need android would work better, this app is help for your !!! Booster for Android app is Optimize your android devices. You can optimize sd card,...

  • Hide Text Messages

    Hide Text Messages




    Do you need to hide text message or call? Concern about messages or call messages from 1 friend checked by others, then Hide text message app is ultimate secure for you. It provides secure texting, message and call logs by password for access control. You can add private contact. When any new...

  • Fast Movie Downloader Free

    Fast Movie Downloader Free




    "FAST MOVIE DOWNLOADER Free” is free application that you download movies and videos on the internet into your android device. You can boost your download with speed up to 5x faster and makes use of multiple connections to download file your phone. “Fast movie downloader free can use your...

  • Video Editor Easy

    Video Editor Easy




    Video Editor Easy app is a very simple for your video editor but powerful and makes video edit on your android device with minimum operations. It is video editor and maker automatic turns your image, photo and video clips into edit movie, can express yourself with music, awesome editor graphics,...

  • Call Recorder

    Call Recorder




    Call recorder app that automatically call records all your phone call. It’s reliable, stable and highest sound quality recording app available. Call recorder app that work as a background app and can play back, or save them on the SD Card. It’s free gives you the easiest way to record all your...

  • VPN Free Android

    VPN Free Android




    VPN Free Android is change your public ip address from real ip and connection will appear as coming from other country to protect your privacy. It’s easy to use for unblock any website and apps, secure & save your web browsing and protect fully encrypted for internet connection & WIFI...

  • GPS Navigation Tracking

    GPS Navigation Tracking




    GPS navigation Tracking is a free app that provides latest GPS tracking technology service on android mobile and tablet device. Tracking your family & friends or people your care on quickly and accurately location. It is alerts your whenever they are in trouble or needs help. GPS navigation...

  • GPS Speedometer

    GPS Speedometer




    "GPS Speedometer" is free GPS speedometer app that uses GPS system to show your accuracy current, average speed and maximum, distance information and time traveled. GPS speedometer is free HUD that display can switch between HUD mode and normal viewing. It’s compatible for running, car...

  • Free call app unlimited

    Free call app unlimited




    Free call app unlimited and use no limits (texting, share and send image and video call). This application allows you to make free calls, send free messages, share and send image in your phone, video call and free all time & all day (24*7). You can get new experience & impression on free...

  • Battery Booster and Saver App

    Battery Booster and Saver App




    Battery Booster and Saver App is energy saving free apps that save battery mobile and tablet, extend your battery life and provides information about your battery (battery life percentage).It's optimized RAM usage on battery mobile and easy to use apps that save battery for andriod...

  • Free MP3 Download Unlimited

    Free MP3 Download Unlimited




    “Free mp3 download unlimited “is free application that is very simple & easy to use search for MP3 music and fast download MP3 files unlimited from website. Once download is finished, MP3 music files will be stored in your library and direct download to your SD Card. You can manage your own...

  • WiFi Booster

    WiFi Booster




    WiFi booster is free app that increases WiFi speed and WiFi connection strength for android mobile and tablet. It’s not wifi analyzer but its wifi optimizer app. WiFi booster will enhance your internet speed by disconnect form your current wifi and connect again. It give result in better download...

  • SD Card Data Recovery

    SD Card Data Recovery




    If you accidentally delete important file on SD Card. How do you sd card data recovery ( photo , videos, image, contact, etc.) ? "SD card data recovery" is free app for users that easy to use tools for sd card data recovery on android mobile devices and support for many of file types...

  • Mobile number tracking

    Mobile number tracking




    Do you need get details or information about the unknown caller? Need to tracking and monitoring something on mobile? Would you like to find where that individual is looking? Are you currently getting calls from unknown number? Now!! You can use Mobile Number Tracking location to locate that...

  • Virtual DJ Mixing

    Virtual DJ Mixing




    This virtual dj mixing app is FREE and does not require experience necessary DJ mixing.It's helps you becoming a DJ expert if you are not already.Virtual Dj Mixing software is made to be a simple-to-use application that anybody can use and have fun.Supports Android 2.2 and higher Feature: -...

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