Kwagu LLC

  • Young Lye

    Young Lye


    Young Lye is that New Wavy and Face for the World of Hip-Hop/Pop Music, Straight out of South Bronx, New York City.

  • Shar J's Catering

    Shar J's Catering


    SharJ’s Catering Service is an off Premise Business, located in beautiful Kansas City, Mo. We cater all types of events and occasions! All Shar J’s menu items are prepared using freshly picked vegetables and fruits from local community gardens (with care)! Shar J’s Catering use only the highest...

  • Daphne Clarke-Hudson

    Daphne Clarke-Hudson


    Daphne is a nationally recognized empowerment specialist, inspirational professional speaker, author and a certified coach. Having more than 20 years experience helping others to lead purpose-driven, authentic and empowered lives, Daphne continues to bring insight, hope and solutions to our...

  • Top Affiliates Page

    Top Affiliates Page


    Selling and promoting high quality products at a reasonable bargain!

  • Orrmania



    Information and Products for Business

  • Quantum Alternative Energy

    Quantum Alternative Energy


    Our Mission is to Become An Industry Leader Provider of Unique, High Quality and Technologically Advanced Green Energy Solutions While Providing Excellent Customer Service. Alternative and renewable energy is the greatest challenge of the 21 st century. Like electricity a century ago, renewable...

  • DJ Mercahitz

    DJ Mercahitz


    Online radio and broadcasting.

  • Kwagu



    There are too many talented people that wants to showcase their talents but don't. They wait for a platform that'll showcase their talents; a record label, an investor, American idol, etc. These platforms are great for showcasing their talents but unfortunately there are more talents than...

  • Slim Polk

    Slim Polk




    Slim Polk is one of Agg Town's finest! Slim Polk is a artist that uses raw lyricism and breathes Agg Town through his music. Nothing short of authentic and the true definition of talking the talk while walking the walk. Music is a scapegoat from the world's hypocrites and turning music...

  • Hot Wheelz

    Hot Wheelz




    Started in Atlanta, Hot Wheelz is a one of a kind club that give the keys to the most staggeringly stylish fleet of cars ever assembled. Today, Hot Wheelz location can be found in metro-station Atlanta. We provide rental, information and entertainment to it’s members. It’s free to become a...

  • Midnight Activity

    Midnight Activity


    Midnight Activity was Established In 2005 By Chris DeLaGarza If U Need Production, Studio Time, Or Any Help WIth Your Project....

  • Kaveman Brown

    Kaveman Brown


    Kaveman Brown is a rap artist with dreams of being successful with his music talents. He has been working in the studio on his second mixtape as well as his first album. Kaveman has been in the underground rap battle world where his first 2 battles having over 100,000 views on youtube. Check out...

  • Stackhouse Recordz

    Stackhouse Recordz


    $TACKHOU$E RECORD$, started by $KRILLA & ISAAC P MARCH OF 2010. 10 yrs in the game bouncing from label to label the two CEO'S finally got tired of all the bullshit and got to the real shit!!

  • R2 Music

    R2 Music




    R2 Music: DJ Ronnie Blaze & Claas

  • H2H Squad Up

    H2H Squad Up




    H2H is from the Lone Star state where he was born and bred in San Antonio. Through his music, he paints vivid images of his experiences and life and experiences of is hometown environment. H2H is more hungrier than ever and now carries more weight by becoming his brother keeper. Not only does he...

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