• Eat Taco

    Eat Taco




    Eat Taco is a virtual taco for your Android. Enjoy munching on a taco when you feel the urge for food. Enjoy the munching sounds as you take a bite. How many can you eat? Part of the collection.

  • Apple Tree

    Apple Tree




    Apple Tree is a game of chance. Select apples to reveal good or rotten apples. Good apples gives you points while rotten apples ends the game. Your points are earned by multiplying the number of good apples by the level. Take a chance by selecting more apples to accumulate more points or...

  • Oh Christmas Tree

    Oh Christmas Tree




    Oh Christmas Tree is your very own Christmas Tree. You can decorate your own Christmas Tree with this app. Select the ornaments on the bottom menu and click anywhere on the tree to place the ornament. Select the eraser and then select the ornament to remove.

  • Briefs or Boxers Underwear?

    Briefs or Boxers Underwear?




    This app is about underwear. Are you a briefs, boxers, or boxerbriefs guy? Find out the pros and cons of each and go shopping for a new pair.

  • Color Blind Test

    Color Blind Test




    Color blindness is a condition in which certain colors cannot be distinguished, and is most commonly due to an inherited condition. Try this app and see if you may be color bind. This app is based on the Ishihara Color Test. This app is intended for informational purposes.

  • Call Wiper

    Call Wiper


    Call Wiper cleans your call history of the specified phone numbers. Use this app to delete specific phone numbers from your call history. Instead of manually editing your call history looking for the numbers to delete, let this app help you do it faster. Don't want anyone knowing that...

  • Help Santa Save Christmas

    Help Santa Save Christmas




    Help Santa Claus save Christmas. The children are waiting for their gifts to arrive. Santa flies through the sky with his reindeers and bag of gifts. The object of this game is to drop gifts into the chimney and make a kid happy. Tap Santa to drop gifts as he flies through the sky. The...

  • Laughing Thanksgiving Turkey

    Laughing Thanksgiving Turkey




    Your very own Laughing Turkey. Rub or shake to make him laugh. Hear what a turkey sounds like. Shake or rub away and the turkey will gobble gobble away. Great entertainment for the kids.

  • Laughing Santa Claus

    Laughing Santa Claus




    It is almost time for Christmas. Rub Santa and make him ho ho ho. Shake and hear the sleigh jingle. Great for the holidays. Rub and Shake away. Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Seasons Greetings!

  • Scary Halloween Fling

    Scary Halloween Fling




    Just in time for Halloween. Entertain your friends with scary Halloween sounds. Just shake or tap screen. As a bonus, watch the ghosts rise from the cemetery. Fling pumpkins at the ghosts to scare them away or place pumpkin bombs and watch the ghosts explode as they run into them.

  • Laughing Pumpkin

    Laughing Pumpkin




    Your very own Laughing Pumpkin. Rub and make him laugh. It may bring forth wealth, good luck, and prosperity. Or great for Halloween entertainment.

  • Ebay Profit Calculator

    Ebay Profit Calculator




    Ebay Profit Calculator estimates total profit after basic eBay fees. When your out shopping and want to know if you can make a little profit after fees, this calculator is for you. Red=no profit. Green=profit. Select details to view the breakdown of how your profit is calculated. This app is...

  • Laughing Buddha

    Laughing Buddha




    Your very own Laughing Buddha. Rub his belly and make him laugh. According to legend, if one rubs the Laughing Buddha's great belly, it brings forth wealth, good luck, and prosperity.

  • Eat Pizza

    Eat Pizza




    Eat Pizza is a virtual pizza for your Android device. Enjoy munching on a slice of pizza when you feel the urge for food. Enjoy the munching sound as you take a bite. How many can you eat? Part of the collection.

  • Rooster





    Rooster app is an app for those rooster fans. Have your very own rooster make the cock-a-doodle-doo sound. Just like waking up in the morning.

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