Kworth Studios

  • French Maid

    French Maid


    When was the last time you swept under the stove? Cleaned the windows? Watered that sad-looking plant? French Maid helps you keep your home clean and your mind clear. Capture chores and home maintenance tasks in a single app and free yourself from inconveniently-timed "I really should...

  • Simple Card Counting

    Simple Card Counting




    Learn and practice the simple Hi-Lo blackjack card counting technique. This app focuses on the card counting aspect so you may practice without worrying about game play. Tap the play button and cards will begin to turn over at a rate of speed you choose. Click + for "Hi" cards, - for...

  • Fuel Gauge

    Fuel Gauge




    Simple automotive fuel gauge. Enter the number of miles or kilometers you get on an average tank of gas (or petrol for many of our international friends), and the Fuel Gauge will keep track of distance traveled using your phone's GPS to show your approximate tank level. Ideal for vehicles...

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