"la Caixa"

  • "la Caixa"




    A personalised app to suit your needs and which combines the “la Caixa” services for mobiles: - Access to Línea Abierta Móvil: on-line banking for making enquiries and carrying out operations with your “la Caixa” accounts, cards, shares. Remember that you can use the same passwords for Línea...

  • multiEstrella




    A través de esta aplicación podrás consultar a cualquier hora y desde cualquier lugar cómo acceder al programa multiEstrella y todas las ventajas de las que puedes beneficiarte.   La aplicación permite visualizar las promociones vigentes y descargar los vales de descuento que se ofrecen con el...

  • Recarga de móviles




    The "Recarga de móviles" app allows you to add balance to any pre-payment telephone, regardless of the telephone company, in a much more user-friendly way. Also, it lets you mark top-ups as favourites, and so you won’t have to re-enter the data from the beginning.

  • Bolsa Abierta




    With this application, you can follow how indexes and share quotations evolve on the Stock Markets from your Android. It includes graphs of their movements and the most important financial news. You will be able tobuy and sell shares in your dossiers in an easy and convenient way. You can...

  • ReciBox




    With ReciBox discover the easiest way to control and manage all your bills and direct debit payments. With the ReciBox app you can register to this service for free, and begin to enjoy services such as: Having a graphical and organised view of all your direct debit payments, adding new ones and...

  • Transfi




    Have you ever been out for a meal and had to split the bill? Have some people not paid their share? Or otherwise was it your turn to pay but you didn’t know the other person’s account? Why don’t you send them a Transfi using your mobile? We have created this app to make little, daily payments...

  • Stocktactics




    A través de Stocktactics podrá construir su propia red de inversores de bolsa fácilmente. Siga a inversores con experiencia destacada, consulte los valores más populares y cree sus propias carteras virtuales a la vez que negocia valores a través de Bolsa Abierta. Además, para todos aquellos que...

  • Tap Contactless




    This app manages and controls all the purchases you make with your “la Caixa” TAP Contactless card. TAP Contactless is a special, adhesive card which you can stick onto your mobile or anywhere else. This app is only for managing this type of card, and cannot be used for other "la Caixa"...

  • Classic tales




    An interactive story tale app for kids, with animated characters, with bedtime classics such as Pinochio, The Ugly Duckling, Little Thumb, The Three Little Pigs and others. With voice over narrations, and special features such as recording your own narration of the different chapters. This app...

  • Accounts




    You don’t need to carry your "la Caixa" Banking Book with you to the ATM to be updated anymore as now you have your mobile device displaying the most updated information, with an additional advantage, of being able to include personal notes for each transaction. CAIXABANK, SA is the...

  • Línea Abierta Basic




    This app includes the most common “la Caixa” Línea Abierta mobile operations: · See all your account information. · See all your card information. · Make transfers between your own accounts, easily and visually. · Find “la Caixa” offices and ATMS.

  • CaixaWallet Vodafone




    This novel payment system lets you use one or several credit, debit or pre-payment cards installed directly on to your smartphone Vodafone's SIM card. So you can easily pay for your shopping just by bringing your smartphone close to the merchant's contactless point of sales (POS)...

  • A Packs




    Discover the “la Caixa” products and services in a totally different, interactive way. This app launch coincides with the creation of the new “la Caixa” A Diagonal office in Barcelona; a nearby, interactive and innovating office, aimed at backing-up the trust between the banking entity and its...

  • Stock Music




    Keep up-to-date with developments in the main stock market indices and the Ibex-35 shares as you listen to your favourite music. You will receive notification of any fluctuations via an alarm or by an alteration in the volume of the music.

  • Puntos Estrella




    In this new edition of the Puntos Estrella Catalogue you will discover an excellent range of gifts for the home and office, and personal gifts for you and your family. They are easy to obtain using the "la Caixa" multiEstrella program and your cards. Use the app to request the gifts...

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