• Teacher's Notebook Lite




    This LITE version is completely functional, and it is only limited to two groups of students, together with the extraction of 3 different types of report data. Saved data could be transferred anytime to PROFESSIONAL version. If you are interested in purchasing this PROFESSIONAL version, you will...

  • Teacher's Notebook




    You are invited to try a free version of this application, which is completely functional. Although Teacher’s Notebook is an application designed for professional teacher usage, it has already more than 75.000 downloads and thousands of active users. This is why we feel so proud, and thankful to...

  • Schedule Plus




    Schedule Plus features: - Easy set timetable, simple and flexible. - A journal for each subject (papers, exams, etc.) - A general journal - You can record tasks performed in the Journal of the subject - You can include any Google Calendar diary entry (recall exams, papers, etc.) - You can...

  • aconTags




    AconTags is an innovative phone book manager. It has the same functionality as the main agendas of contacts, but also has a tool that unlike any other existing application: AconTags can now organize your contacts by three labels diiferentes LEVELS. It's like having your contacts organized...

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