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  • Instant Baby Sleeping Pills

    Instant Baby Sleeping Pills




    This free instant baby sleeping pill game helps your baby to sleep instantly, this free baby game is for your one year or older baby who is a music lover and loves to listen songs or piano sounds. this instant baby sleeping app is using classic sounds of piano, muisc box, lawn mower, meat...

  • Photo Stitch Collage Freestyle

    Photo Stitch Collage Freestyle




    Photo Stitcher Collage, this free photo stitcher collage maker app enables you to create a collage by just dragging and dropping photos from your gallery, you can also add live picture from your camera. this photo stitcher collage makes collages with no fixed angle. you can move, adjust, rotate...

  • Photo Collage Live Wallpaper

    Photo Collage Live Wallpaper




    Photo Collage Live wallpaper, this free photo collage live wallpaper app is considered the best app among all apps in this fashion, This auto photo collage generator makes collages of your gallery photos from single image upto eight images collage and set that collage as your live wallpaper...

  • Screen lock finger scanner

    Screen lock finger scanner




    Screen locker finger scanner! this free screen locker finger scanner would be the best choice in all finger scanner screen lockers, the reason is , this screen locker has finger scanner feature along with beautiful wallpapers as background.Go and install this locker theme. you may not find this...

  • Real Flash Light LED Torch

    Real Flash Light LED Torch




    The free bright and fast flash torch app, very handy flash LED light, supports all types of android devices. you won't forget such a beautifully designed bright flash LED torch. strobe will be available in upcoming version. Features Brighter illuminator elegant design fast and instant...

  • Fruit Cut and Slice

    Fruit Cut and Slice




    Fruit Cut and Slice, this free fruit cut and slice app is for kids to learn the fruit names, this educational app is for the kids aged between 3 to 6 years. This amazing fruit game includes High Quality cards with high resolution images. The splashes have the slices and full image of fruits. This...

  • Animal Face Maker

    Animal Face Maker




    Animal face maker game, this free animal face maker game is made for everyone who love wild animals, bring your inner wild animal out and use the animals faces and stickers included in this game to edit your photo to see yourself as a wild animal. this free animal face maker game is the best one...

  • Candy Match

    Candy Match




    Ready for daily memory test with Candy Match exercise your memory daily match pairs of candies multiple difficulty level, Easy, Medium , Hard auto adjust to your screen size and device colorful candy images with HD quality fun game memory game for kids and adults brain training, match game, free...

  • Photo Fun Studio

    Photo Fun Studio




    Install PhotoFun studio to and become a great fun artist, most popular free android app on Google play store to make funny pics, this photo fun editor enables you to make your pics funny. you can fetch your pics from your phone gallery or from your camera on the go. you will find number of...

  • Urdu Qaida for Pre School Kids

    Urdu Qaida for Pre School Kids




    This free urdu qaida app is for learning and recognizing the urdu alphabets, easy to use, soft sound, it acts like a teacher teaching in the class. This free app can run on android version 2.3 to 4.2 and above. hd quality colorful images. urdu names for each object with audio playback. The best...

  • Human Body Parts

    Human Body Parts




    Free Human Anatomy and Body Parts for Kids! Let your kid learn human anatomy body parts with fun, this free app provides a separate screen for each body parts. this human anatomy app speaks for each body part. The audio playback ease your children to learn. Kids PreSchool ABC, letter, colors and...

  • Birthday Greeting Collage

    Birthday Greeting Collage




    Free Birthday Greeting Collage, free birthday greeting collage maker, you can use this collage to create custom birthday greeting cards, birthday Cards, Love Cards, Funny Cards and more, make a custom birthday greeting cards for your loved ones. Selfie Cam, take your photo, add to board and...

  • Greeting Collage and Cards

    Greeting Collage and Cards




    Free Greeting Collage and Cards, free greeting collage and card maker, you can use this collage to create custom greeting cards, Wedding cards, wedding frames, love cards, love frames, fun cards and fun frames. Eid / Bayram Cards, Love Cards, Funny Cards and more, make a custom greeting cards...

  • Selfie Camera

    Selfie Camera




    Free Selfie Cam make your photography experience better. this free selfie cam application allows you to take photo of yourself from both front and back camera. you can share your shoots with your friends via facebook, twitter, whatsapp, chat on, viber and other famous social and media networks...

  • Kids ABC Animal Puzzle

    Kids ABC Animal Puzzle




    Free Kids ABC Animal Puzzle, This game is for animal lovers. Animals listed alphabetically (a to z). You will love to solve the puzzle with different difficulty levels. On completion of your puzzle you will see the name and a beautiful picture of Animal like (#alligator, #bee on the go,...

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