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  • World Citizen: Geography quiz




    World Citizen is a quiz game that will help you learn countries, capitals and flags of the world in easy and enjoyable way! The app is available in 4 languages: English, Polish, French, Spanish (there are more to come) The new version of the app comes with two mini games. You can start with the...

  • Znakomite Cytaty




    Znakomite Cytaty (Brilliant Quotes PL) to najbardziej zaawansowana a zarazem elegancka i przyjazna dla użytkowania aplikacją z cytatami na rynku. Została niedawno udoskonalona w nowoczesny interfejs bazując głównie na komentarzach użytkowników. Pobierz ją teraz i zwiększ wartość swojego telefonu...

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  • Androillusion




    * DON'T PUT the explanation to this trick in the comments - let others to have fun! The illusion presented in this app is pretty simple but it still can trick your mind :D This is really good example of how magicians are able to fool us. Share it with your family and friends and see if they...

  • Voltairine Quotes




    “The most gifted and brilliant anarchist woman America ever produced... The American soil sometimes does bring forth exquisite plants."-Emma Goldman This app offers the most complete selection of Voltairine de Cleyre quotes. We welcome comments, questions, and suggestions. Feel free to...

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