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    An arcade about banishing demons with a submachine gun..

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    Anime Girls Xmas Cards 2012

    Secret Wallpaper that being Banned on iPhone AppStore!! This is Gift for all people who love anime girls. This small App gifts you 4 High Resolution CG Wallpapers that suit the coming Christmas season. Enjoy. Features: - 1440x1280 high quality lossless compression wallpaper x4 - Suitable for phone/tablet

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    Lemegeton Master Edition

    - Lemegeton Master Edition is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at http://www.MOGAanywhere.com - An Action game you need to PLAY - Contain full Lemegeton Episode 1 features PLUS!! - Lemegeton Episode 2 New Content - Two playable characters - 7 Areas to Explore - Over 30 Demons - Over 30 Skills - Plenty of…

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    Story: AD 2047, the Earth was invaded by unknown extraterrestrial life form, named Ameba. Mankind was the major food of Ameba and 99% of human were eliminated. Even the mankind tried to fight again Ameba, but facing the large scale invasion, they failed. In order to preserve the human blood, the mankind built a bunker. They hide in deep undergroun…

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    Public Canvas

    Sketching is fun. What make it ever more fun? Instead of drawing on your own. Why done you join other artists on Public Canvas. With Public Canvas, you can draw with thousand of artist on a borderless canvas. Share the fun of drawing with the world. Public Canvas is an App that allow you to draw and share. You simply draw pictures on the canvas an…

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    Draw You Can Video

    Want to be a super painter? Want to show off the painting video to your friends? Draw you can do it all for you. Without knowing how to draw. Just pick your favourite photo, Draw You Can will get all done in minutes. Try it out. - Publish recording of your painting with Draw You Can Video! - without knowing how to draw! - Simply Pick a photo to st…

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