• Notepad Pro

    Notepad Pro




    A text editor with auto detecting the charset of the file.(Ads free) features supports with following -Create Open Save Delete Send text file. -Open text file from email attachments. -Set text display options. -Set charset used when opening file and saving file. -Auto recognize the line ending...

  • Cool Cleaner Pro

    Cool Cleaner Pro




    Clear history data and app cache on your device. (Ads free) Features bellow: Clear Android Market search suggestions. Clear Google Maps search suggestions. Clear Google Earth search suggestions. Clear Gmail search suggestions. Clear call logs. Clear Standard Browser Histories. Clear all app...

  • UnitConverter Pro

    UnitConverter Pro


    With real-time conversion unit conversion tool (Ads free) Supports the following multi-unit conversion 1. Angle 2. Area 3. Energy 4. Length 5. Mass 6. Number 7. Power 8. Pressure 9. Temperature 10. Time 11. Velocity 12. Volume

  • Cool News Pro

    Cool News Pro


    The latest Google News for many regions. (Ads free) Support standard topics for news. Auto load news when scroll to bottom. The default is auto select region by your locale settings, you can change it in settings. More regions will add in future versions. If you have any problem, please email...

  • Image Hunter Pro

    Image Hunter Pro




    A powerful image search tool for Android devices. (Ads free) Main features are: - Custom search(content type, size, aspect ratio, filetypes, color etc). - Cache image search results. - Image preview. - Share image to your friends. - Set image as wallpaper. - Save images to sdcard. - English,...

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