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Trig Pro

Raise your hand if you think the only solutions to sin(x) = 0.5 are 30 degrees or pi/6 radians. Feel free to use your calculator. If you raised your hand, promptly use your hand to download this application. There are actually an infinite number of solutions to most inverse trigonometry problems, but your calculator probably only gave you one.…

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Would you like to ace your next test on quadratic functions? "Parabola" tells you everything you ever needed to know about parabolas but were afraid to ask. Enter a quadratic function in standard, vertex, or intercept form, and this application instantly displays: - The orientation of the parabola - The coordinates of the vertex - The…

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SAT Math Prep

Would you like a math SAT score in the 700's? I had a feeling you'd say that. As a professional tutor with over 20 years of applied mathematics and teaching experience, I crafted an application that closely mirrors the types of problems that I cover with my students, as well as the strategies and explanations that I convey. This applica…

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Math Pro

Get six applications for the price of two and ace your math classes. Rated 5/5 by AppCraver: Rated 5/5 by AppleBitesize: "High School Math becomes easy with Math Pro." Read the full review here:…

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Calculus Pro

Calculus has been known to bring students to tears. Now you have an expert in your corner. This application contains a rich collection of examples, tutorials and solvers, crafted by a professional math tutor with over 20 years of applied mathematics and teaching experience. "Calculus Pro" covers: - Limits - Continuity - Differentiab…

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Job Hunting

Whether you're looking to join the workforce or make a move to advance your career, let Digital Staffing help you land your dream job. Digital Staffing, a leader in IT staffing since 1996, is pleased to bring you our "Job Hunting" app to help you locate jobs, optimize your resume, and ace your interviews. "Job Hunting" cov…

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Two Points

If you are a math student or math teacher, “Two Points” will be one of your best friends. Business Analysts, Engineers, Architects, and other professionals will also consider this application to be essential. The concept is simple, and the execution is elegant. Simply enter the X and Y coordinates of two points and instantly learn about the p…

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Probability Pro

Pop quiz: you flip a fair coin 50 times. What is the probability that it lands on heads at least 25 times? The number of computations involved in answering that question is staggering. The formulas can cause nightmares. "Probability Pro" will tell you that the answer is 55.61% instantly. How about this classic? In a room of 23 peop…

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PreCalculus Pro

Why study harder when you can study smarter? This powerful application contains a rich collection of examples, tutorials, and solvers for the following topics: - Completing the Square - Quadratic Functions - Compositions of Functions - Inverse Functions - Piecewise Functions - Rational Functions - Exponential Functions - Domain and Range - Logari…

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Algebra Pro

It's good to be the curve wrecker. If you're in Algebra I or II, this application will help you beyond your highest expectations. Rated 5/5 by (I Education Apps Review). Read the full review here: This application contains a rich collection of exampl…

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