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PhotoWall Live Wallpaper

PhotoWall shows your photos as your wallpaper! See an ever changing set of photos from your phone's camera gallery. Double tap any photo to see details, view it in your gallery, or share with someone. Choose from a bunch of effects to make the photos feel more like a background wallpaper, or to make them really pop. It's totally free and…

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Download Gurk, the 8-bit RPG Gurk, the 8-bit RPG icon
Gurk, the 8-bit RPG

Old-school RPG fans, rejoice! Hours of 8-bit entertainment await in the classic RPG 'Gurk', available for absolutely free. With a 3-character party, 24 dungeon levels, 44 different items, 23 unique monsters and a vast wilderness, this ain't your parent's RPG... it's your grandparent's! And at just 100KB, you can't go wro…

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Download Flow Home (Beta) Flow Home (Beta) icon
Flow Home (Beta)

Flow Home is a new kind of Android launcher. Instead of just icons, we show things from inside the icons. Photos from Instagram or Facebook, tweets and messages from people you follow, the latest news from Feedly, all in one place. Like, retweet, read full articles and share right from your home screen. Flow also unlocks the power of notifications…

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Download Retro Defense Lite Retro Defense Lite icon
Retro Defense Lite

Retro Defense Lite a free tower defense game with a killer retro theme. - 1 full level to try, full version out now with 20+ levels! - 10 tower types to build - 10 levels of upgrade for tower - 6 invader types - 3 bonus towers - Authentic retro sound FX

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Download Boo! Boo! icon

Boo! is an Android Experiment, where cute little creatures crowd the screen. But as soon as they see your face, they all run away! Try sneaking up on them to catch their antics before you are spotted. This app is open source and illustrates algorithmic animation and face detection via the front facing camera. Source can be found at https://github.…

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Download Gurk II, the 8-bit RPG Gurk II, the 8-bit RPG icon
Gurk II, the 8-bit RPG

The super-charged sequel to the famous 8-bit RPG, Gurk II is a huge new adventure with all of the most requested features added: quests, music, sound, potions, and an improved look! Fans of the original will be shedding tears of joy as they roll for their character's stats, board ships, summon monsters and cast powerful area of effect spells. P…

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Download Gurk III, the 8-bit RPG Gurk III, the 8-bit RPG icon
Gurk III, the 8-bit RPG

The long-awaited sequel to the also-long-awaited sequel to the beloved 8-bit RPG has finally arrived! The third installment in the series is a bigger adventure than ever before, with loads of new monsters and items, many with unique effects and abilities. Character classes are better-differentiated and combat tactics are more subtle and interesting…

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Download PhotoWall Upgrade PhotoWall Upgrade icon
PhotoWall Upgrade

** This is the app to unlock the full features of PhotoWall Live Wallpaper and support further development ** Purchase this app to unlock more layouts: - Interlocking puzzle - Large photo grid - Soft edged fade And to unlock more effects: - Red tint - Vivid - Blue light - Subtle color correct (makes all your photos look good together) - Wild - An…

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Download WordPops WordPops icon

WordPops is an addictive cross between Tetris and Boggle. Spell words with your finger to stop the bubbles from filling the screen!

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Download SplinterNet SplinterNet icon

SplinterNet is designed to create an unblockable Twitter like network that uses no cellular or Internet communications. All messages are transmitted over Bluetooth between users, creating a true peer-to-peer messaging system. All messages are anonymous to prevent retaliation by government authorities. During times of civil unrest, governments have…

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