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Download TWiz:WDW Transportation Wizard TWiz:WDW Transportation Wizard icon
TWiz:WDW Transportation Wizard

Twiz puts the fun in functionality! Imagine you are on your first trip to Walt Disney World. You arrive at your hotel (Let’s say the Grand Floridian Resort just for fun), unpack your bags and call your friends who happen to be staying at the Boardwalk Inn. You decide you want to meet for dinner at the Flying Fish café… but you don’t have a car,…

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Download GPS TWiz:Transportation Wizard GPS TWiz:Transportation Wizard icon
GPS TWiz:Transportation Wizard

The wildly popular TWiz App just got a whole lot better with the release of GPS TWiz. Now you can navigate the Disney transportation system at Walt Disney World using a familiar and intuitive map-based GPS interface. You can view your location, use pinch/zoom or double-tap gestures to zoom in and out, and select beginning and ending locations for y…

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Download Meditations of Awakening Meditations of Awakening icon
Meditations of Awakening

Awaken into the fullness of Well-Being. Realize a state of abiding peace and learn how to integrate it into the personality. Each guided meditation builds upon the ones before it, and all of them can be used while awake as a meditation practice or while falling asleep to enhance lucid dreaming and self-hypnotic suggestion. Guided by a professiona…

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Download WDW Resort Researcher WDW Resort Researcher icon
WDW Resort Researcher

Picture this: you are on the subway, riding to work on a dreary day in the city. Your mind is filled with thoughts of your trip to Walt Disney World and you begin to think about where you will be sleeping on property. You pull out your trusty Android device and open up your WDW Resort Researcher that you downloaded last night. As you rumble alon…

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Download Align Within Meditations Align Within Meditations icon
Align Within Meditations

Feel refreshed, renewed and more fully integrated! This complete set of 2 meditations provides the techniques to align and harmonize all aspects – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Come and awaken. All of us in today’s world are looking for ways to relieve stress and balance the components of life. Align Within Guided Meditations off…

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Download Harmonize Guided Meditation Harmonize Guided Meditation icon
Harmonize Guided Meditation

Every Being is a unique vibration, evolving through Life by engaging with others and their unique vibrations. Harmonize explores and celebrates coming further into alignment with Self in this guided meditation. Through the practice of visualizing colors and sounding tones, Harmonize is a transformative meditation that helps clarify and strengthen…

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Download We Create Reality Vision Board We Create Reality Vision Board icon
We Create Reality Vision Board

To focus your mind and manifest your desires, use the Create Reality App. This playful app takes the feelings of fulfillment your successes bring you and places them into a scrolling Vision Board. Choose images, sounds, and text that inspire you! Then, when waiting in line or passing the time, open the Create Reality App and evoke happy feelings…

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Download Relax & Open Guided Meditation Relax & Open Guided Meditation icon
Relax & Open Guided Meditation

Feel more relaxed and alert. Discover an inner balance and alignment. Access insights and wisdom for dealing with daily life. Whether you are learning to meditate or experienced in the art of meditation, Relax and Open is a valuable guided meditation developed by a professional to be effective and safe. Employing techniques to help a novice find…

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Download Flow and Align Meditation Flow and Align Meditation icon
Flow and Align Meditation

Building upon the concepts of the first guided meditation, Refresh and Renew, this meditation continues the exploration into the subtle energy fields. Enhancing awareness of the subtle energy body and the ability to maintain a clear and open emotional/mental body, Flow and Align opens the way for the more refined energies of light and love to infl…

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Download Meditations for a New Paradigm Meditations for a New Paradigm icon
Meditations for a New Paradigm

Feel refreshed, renewed, and more fully integrated! Through the use of these guided meditations, users realize a state of harmony and well-being that enhances daily life on all levels. This collection of three guided meditations provides the techniques to access guidance and wisdom, establishing an ability to reside in a state of well-being and har…

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