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    Layar is probably the most complete database for Augmented Reality searching

  • Pixaction



    Images come to life with the Pixaction App. Simply, use your smart device to scan pictures enhanced with Pixaction technology. Be amazed as you interact with the world in a whole new way as images become so lifelike you reach out to touch a bird in flight or feel like you'ree free-falling...

  • MM RA

    MM RA




    Conecta un mundo digital con el mundo que te rodea gracias a la nueva app de Magnetic Medios RA 1.0 para ver una Realidad Aumentada. Realidad aumentada (RA) es una tecnología de punta que permite una vista digital mejorada del mundo real, que te conecta con contenido más significativo que en su...

  • BeckSCAN





    The BeckSCAN App brings still real life object to life through digital augmentation. The BeckSCAN App supplies further education and content of any Beck/Arnley item that has BeckSCAN technology.

  • AR Nordic

    AR Nordic




    Augment your reality with AR Nordic! AR Nordic brings Norwegian, Swedish and Danish newspapers, magazines and objects to life using augmented reality technology. Simply point, scan and interact. AR Nordic turns your iPhone into a tool for overlaying rich digital content around newspapers,...

  • LDN Mobile Tools

    LDN Mobile Tools


    LDN MOBILE TOOLS LEARNING DESIGN NETWORK (LDN) MOBILE TOOLS is a publishing platform that enhances our paper-based learning solutions with rich media content for deepened CONNECTION & ENGAGEMENT. Learning Design Network (LDN) helps FORTUNE 500 companies cascade their messages to employees...






    VERUS is REAL! Bring your print to life with Augmented Reality. Using your devices camera, watch as magazines, retail flyers, movie posters and more come to life, allowing you to view 3D effects, movies, access to links and other interactive tools. Scan and view objects augmented with VERUS to...

  • Smithfield DIGITAL

    Smithfield DIGITAL


    Smithfield Foods is the world’s largest pork processor and hog producer, and we have a lot of information to share. Use this app when reading one of our publications to unlock digital content and learn even more about our products, practices, and sustainability initiatives.

  • 掃吧!SOBA





    SOBA! A simple point and scan move brings you revolutionary reading experience! Whenever you see “SOBA” icon on a magazine, book, newspaper or a print material, you can interact and explore with “SOBA” app instantly for more interactive media contents and other exciting special offers hidden...

  • SF Plus

    SF Plus




    Bring the pages of Successful Farming magazine to life with SF Plus. Experience exclusive interactive content on your smartphone or tablet in a unique augmented reality environment. Simply use your camera to scan pages of the printed magazine to bring them to life with animation, video,...

  • Print2life





    print2life is interactive print! With print2life, promotional printing and direct mail will never be the same. With your tablet or smartphone, and print2life, simply point, scan and view amazing interactive media which appears directly on top of the page you are looking at. With print2life...

  • Via Afrika LivingPages

    Via Afrika LivingPages




    Boost your learning with the Via Afrika LivingPages app and experience your Via Afrika textbook as you’ve never imagined it before. Watch experiments being carried out. Explore photos of world destinations. See problems being solved. Have poetry read to you. Pages come alive by enhancing...

  • Pierre & Vacances

    Pierre & Vacances




    Les vacances comme moi ! Découvrez la réalité augmentée grâce à votre smartphone ou votre tablette : des expériences, des vidéos, des animations comme si vous y étiez. Scannez les supports imprimés de Pierre & Vacances pour découvrir de riches expériences numériques, vous donnant la...

  • BzAR





    With the BzAR application you can discover hidden content in a series of books, comics, and webisodics by Bright Penny Zapp LLC that are enhanced with Augmented Reality.

  • A. Le Coq

    A. Le Coq




    A. Le Coqi äpp toob A. Le Coqi maailma sinu nutitelefoni ekraanile ja teeb elu avaramaks ning põnevamaks. Trükitud pildist võib saada video, tavaline pakend võib üldse ellu ärgata. Täielik ulme! Kui märkad A. Le Coqi reklaamil, pakendil või mõnel muul materjalil A. Le Coqi äpi märki, suuna oma...

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