• Avoid Crash - Traffic light

    Avoid Crash - Traffic light




    In this simple game you will try to control trafic lights to avoid crash between cars. You have to switch lights properly to get the highest efectivness. Remember- the less car is waiting for a green light, the more points you will obtain. Feel yourself like a cop or traffic controler standing on...

  • Kapsel Frugo

    Kapsel Frugo




    Dzięki tej aplikacji możesz mieć zawsze kapsel FRUGO przy sobie. Klikaj w niego ile tylko chcesz i odpręż się przy unikalnym dźwięku jaki wydaje. Uważaj wciąga !!! Oficialna strona FRUGO:

  • Clicker Counter

    Clicker Counter




    Whether you count the amount of girls who did you pick up or the amount of chips eaten. This simple but very useful application is for you. Show your friends what results you achieved. This counter is the best for you!

  • FindMe - 3 cups game

    FindMe - 3 cups game




    FindMe is a simple game to test your concentration skills, try to beat as many levels as you can, it's really hard after level 15, wish you good luck and thanks for playing! You have only 3 attempts per game :) This game is like: where is the ball, find the ball, 3 cups or cups game. Post a...

  • Clicker exclusive

    Clicker exclusive


    Join the elite club of Clickers. Feel special as one of the few members. You have a chance to become something special and respected. Do not miss this opportunity because it will never happen again. Count everything not as an average person but as a VIP. - Special VIP theme - Ads Free

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