Free Apps for Android and Iphone

Development of Android and IOS Applications

  • Compass Digital




    Compass is a well styled compass for the smartphone. The data come from the GPS of the phone. The accuracy of the app depends on the GPS on your device. features: - Magnetic heading - True heading - Position with street and house number - Position Share - Selectable background - Background from...

  • Location




    Rapid detection of the location using the built-in GPS. Street, number and location to be queried via a web service and displayed. The position can be sent by mail or displayed on Google Maps. Possible simply by pressing a quick update.

  • Outdoor Thermometer




    With this thermometer you always have the temperature at a glance. Choose your own style. Share, your position with your friends And if you want to know what the weather will be the next 5 days, one click is enough. features: - 5 languages. - Celsius. - Fahrenheit. - Weather Details (wind speed,...

  • Find my car




    - Save the GPS position of your car. - You can save as many positions as you want. - The position of your car can be displayed on google maps. - Share the position of your car on Facebook, Twitter, etc - Navigate on foot or by car via Google Navigation to your saved position. Requires: GPS,...

  • Weather Digital 14 days




    Weather Digital 14 days is a stylish Weather app. The weather data comes from Openweathermap.org. (http://openweathermap.org). features: - Celsius and Fahrenheit - Current Weather - 14 Days - Quick preview - 14 Days Detailed preview - 3 hours / 5 days - preview - Details: clouds, wind, air...

  • Altimeter




    Altimeter is a simple altimeter. The data comes from the gps of the phone. The accuracy of the app depends on the GPS on your device. Units: meters, feet. The height can also be determined via a web service. The altimeter can also be adjusted to zero. The position can be displayed on Google...

  • Temperature




    Temperature is a thermometer that displays the outside temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, the humidity and the wind direction at the respective location. The thermometer requests the data via a web service. An Internet connection is therefore required. Requires: GPS, Internet features -...

  • Taximeter Digital




    Turn your car into a taxi! Taximeter features: - Use your own image for your meter. - Own driver name. - The taximeter supports any currency. - Distance units: kilometers or miles. - Free configuration of prices. - The taximeter stores all routes automatically. - Even locations you can save...