• MoaMoa




    I'll put everything together!!! Put'em together!! Try to combine all the blocks by unifying them in the same color. - Blocks of cute characters Collect blocks of the same color. - Easy to play Drag blocks of the same color to combine them as one block. - Various items Clear each...

  • Rhythm&Block




    Brand new number puzzle game Arcade game for the puzzle game lover! You can try to be a top in the ranking with your new record! NUMBER MODE is that numbers, started with 1, should be arranged from left to right side. COLOR MODE is that you should adjust the models quickly

  • 7.0





    Choose your race and conquer all the bases

  • 7.0





    Choose your race and conquer all the bases

  • 점핑슬레이어 for Kakao




    ○ 쉽고 신나는 수직 상승 슈팅 액션 게임!! ○ '점핑슬레이어‘는 게임 속에서 등장하는 귀여운 몬스터들을 잡아 경험치를 얻어 캐릭터를 성장시키고 모든 스테이지를 클리어 하는 것이 기본 목적인 게임으로 조작 방식이 간단하여 남녀노소 부담 없이 즐길 수 있는 캐주얼 아케이드 게임입니다. ○ ♬ 슈팅인 듯 슈팅 아닌 액션 같은~♬ 게임!! 쏘지 말고 휘둘러라!! ○ ‘점핑슬레이어’는 ‘슈팅 장르’의 총알 피하기 요소와 총알을 쏘지 않고 직접 무기를 휘둘러 몬스터를 공격하는 ‘액션 아케이드 장르’의 특성을...

  • MoaMoa Mahjong




    Mo~~~~~~~a!! MoaMoa came back again!! It came back with more fun with Mahjong game. Just remove the blocks with same color as fast as you can by following the Sachunsung rule. Easy game… fun game, cute game that everyone can play!! Download now and enjoy it. Good app size!!! Nice game...

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