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  • Cash Flow Droid




    Money doesn't grow on trees. Let Cash Flow Droid help you make the most of it. Ever wondered if you could afford your next purchase? Cash Flow Droid forecasts how much money you will have available over the next few weeks or months, after you pay bills. The forecast is based on information...

  • Engineering Steam Tables




    Engineering Steam Tables calculates the thermodynamic properties of saturated and superheated steam. It uses the inch-pound English system of units (ºF, psia, cu.ft./lbm. BTU/lbm, BTU/lbm/R, lb*s/sq.ft., ft/s, lbm/cu.ft.) as default, but the user may select SI units if desired. Given two...

  • Journal of Discourses




    The first editions of the Journal of Discourses were published in England by George D. Watt, the stenographer of Brigham Young, in 1854. The 26 volume collection includes 1,438 sermons given by 55 church leaders, including Brigham Young, John Taylor, Parley P. Pratt, Heber C. Kimball, George A....

  • The Life of Nikola Tesla




    The greatest genius of all time, Nikola Tesla, in his own words. The chapters in this book were originally written by Nikola Tesla as a series of six articles in "The Electrical Experimenter" magazine in 1919 (February through June, and October issues). Nikola Tesla had the remarkable...

  • Pipe Friction Factor


    Pipe Friction Factor allows the user to calculate the friction factor for pipes or ductwork by providing the Reynolds number (turbulent flow only) and the relative roughness of the pipe. The program then solves the Colebrook equation for the friction factor. No more staring at Moody Diagrams...

  • Kepler


    Kepler, by Walter W. Bryant “I’m sure you remember that Tycho Brahe had his own system of the universe. In a tychonic system, the earth was stationary at the center, the sun went around the earth, and all of the other planets went around the sun. Of course, Tycho believed passionately in his own...

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