Lennie Araki

  • Tux Racer




    Tux Racer is the best Android port of the Open Source hit game originally developed by Sunspire Studios. It lets you take on the role of Tux the Linux Penguin as he races down steep, snow-covered mountains. It includes a variety of options for game play, including the ability to race courses in...

  • Score Board




    Version 1.03 (27-Nov-2013) Copyright © 2012-13 Lennie Araki. All Rights Reserved. This application is a simple, intuitive Score Board which runs on Android cell phones and tablets. Features include: * Classic Blue/Red Side-by-Side scoring * Giant Numbers for easy readability * Timer mode for...

  • Simple CSV




    Simple CSV Version 1.09 (28-Nov-2013) Copyright © 2012-13 Lennie Araki. All Rights Reserved. Color Picker Preference - Copyright © 2011 Sergey Margaritov. Android File Dialog - Copyright © 2012 Alexander Ponomarev. Simple CSV is a lightweight Android Spreadsheet Application. It stores the data...

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