Lennox Corporation

  • KeyCut




    App for setting tasks to perform when pressing on your MiKey/Pressy/Klick or other compatible plug, or your Android Wear device. The big difference between KeyCut and the other applications is that this one is clean, and has readable English. For users who purchase the unlocker, includes the...

  • Dice




    Dice is a simple yet addictive game. Featuring 4 different play modes, and three difficulty levels, you'll be sure to keep yourself entertained. Features an easy to use and simple design, and can also be used as a replacement for physical dice, able to simulate up to 120 dice at one time...

  • Ringtone Picker Enhanced




    This is a replacement ringtone picker that allows you to select from either the built in tones or locally stored music tracks. Just follow the same process as normal in order to set a tone in your device or application settings, and you will be asked whether you wish to use Ringtone Picker to do...

  • Sound Recorder




    Includes the ability to send recordings via other apps, and browse your recording list to play or delete old files. Includes tinted status bar on Android Lollipop (5.0). Languages Supported: English (me) To disable PollFish surveys and AdMob advertising, please purchase "Lennox...

  • Weather




    Weather is just a simple and stylish weather widget, based on CyanogenMod LockClock, which uses either Yahoo or OpenWeatherMap weather API for data. Also supports showing calendar events on the expanded widget. Can use current location, or manually specify, and shows all the information that...

  • Flashlight




    Simple app to turn on/off the camera flash led. Also includes support for strobe and S.O.S. signal modes, and the timings of them. Default behaviour is for the flashlight to automatically switch off when exiting the app, and switch on when starting. This can be changed via the app settings, as...

  • Auto-Starter




    Auto-Starter is a simple application that allows you to select any app you wish to start on boot-up, and optionally have that app function as the launcher and be returned to when pressing the HOME key. Originally designed to enable using XBMC as a home launcher, because it has its own support...

  • Compass




    Simple compass with GPS coordinate display, two choices of dial face, and an option to switch between dark or light theme. Includes tinted status bar on Android Lollipop (5.0). Languages Supported: English (me) To disable PollFish surveys and AdMob advertising, please purchase "Lennox...

  • Launcher




    Launcher is a home screen replacement for devices running Android 4.0+. It is highly customisable, and my focus now is on optimising and improving rather than feature cramming. It's not intended to be the most customisable, but rather have enough customisation to satisfy my personal needs,...

  • Home




    This is a simple Kitkat based launcher, ported to work on Jellybean 4.1+. It is based on Trebuchet with a few modifications and improvements, with more to come in future. Added features are: [*] Custom Hotwords (thanks to Omni Developer XpLoDWilD) Can configure any custom hotword or phrase to...

  • Free XP




    Gain easy experience for quick boost to new Play Games users, to avoid being shunned due to your low ranking. Instantly receive 100,000 XP to boost your ranking up to a more respectable level. Includes tinted status bar on Kitkat (Android 4.4) and Lollipop (5.0). Languages Supported: English...

  • Sleep Timer




    Simple sleep timer, with a clean design. Just choose how long you want to wait, press "Start Timer", and forget about it. The music will be paused or stopped (depending on your preference) if it supports the standard android media key events. If not, then please contact the developer of...

  • SlidePanel




    SlidePanel is a basic slide out panel that can be accessed anywhere, for quick multitasking. Extremely customisable and light weight, features included are: Choose between listing Recent Apps, All Apps, or your own list. Add as many shortcuts as you want, the choice is up to you. Choose the...

  • Mirror




    Zoom control is by either the onscreen buttons or volume keys, and is dependent on device support, on screen controls will be hidden if unsupported. Capture picture by tapping on the preview image. Devices tested: HTC One X LG Nexus 5 Samsung Galaxy S3 Xiaomi Mi-2 Xtreamer Joyz Xtreamer Ban-G...

  • Lennox Unlocker




    NOTE: This application does NOT have a launcher icon, and does absolutely nothing on its own. It's sole purpose is to disable PollFish surveys and AdMob advertisements in all of my applications that are updated or released after the 22nd of October, 2014. Whilst I appreciate the income...

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