• SwitchPro Widget




    Many people are still in use, a veteran of the system switch/toggle widget. It is small, elegant, easy to use. no background services, no network access, and has the most comprehensive switch. You almost can quickly switch or control any system settings. it has a powerful interface customization...

  • Local Set




    An easy-to-use app that can adjust system settings according to your current location. It can turn on/of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data Sync, Data connection, Set Ringtone & notifications volume, Ring Mode, Ringtone, Brightness etc.

  • SwitchPro Theme Holo




    The Holo theme for SwitchPro Widget.

  • Real Widget




    Windows phone (WP7 Metro UI) style Widget, almost achieve most of the functionality of the Windows phone desktop. 1. A powerful custom functions. Including custom icons, icon color, font color, background color, background image, the grid size, etc. 2. You can all applications to the widget. In...

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