Leonard Lambert

  • DroidDream Malware Patch

    DroidDream Malware Patch




    I originally wrote this app in about 30 minutes, but have since added features and made it a bit more visually appealing. It lists the files in /system and /system/bin. It will tell you if /system/bin/profile exists. It now also searches for apps with names matching reported infected app...

  • Master Volume Control

    Master Volume Control




    This is just a simple volume control app that I wrote in a couple of hours. I wrote it for one person, but I figured that if anyone else could make use of it, it might be worth publishing. If something about the app doesn't work for you, or you'd like to see a feature added, please drop...

  • Panhandler Pro

    Panhandler Pro




    I'm a panhandler, but this is not a scam; all will become crystal clear as you read on. When you buy a bag of chips, the bag is half full, but you buy it anyway. You're paying for something; what is IT? Those 9/10ths on the gas station price signs never change. You aren't fooled,...

  • Andee Exposed

    Andee Exposed


    Designed for developers but beneficial to all... it's almost too much information! It's better than looking under the hood, it's like having a glass engine! See exhaustive lists of information about all of your apps from a developer's point of view, and see what permissions your...

  • Lottery Loser

    Lottery Loser




    Let the Earth's magnetic field generate your lottery numbers! Quick-picks, and almost every other number picker out there use Pseudo-Random Number Generation algorithms. They aren't really random, and they all get their numbers the same way. And that method is the one that hasn't...

  • Network Observer

    Network Observer




    Do you ever find yourself wondering how you could possibly have blown through your network usage limits? Oh, only every month? Yea... I've been there... so I wrote this app. Network Observer provides you with total useage statistics, network information, and best of all, shows you on an app...

  • Touch-Tone Tutor

    Touch-Tone Tutor




    Have children you need to entertain? Want to develop an unusual talent? Need an ice-breaker? Learn to play music on your touch-tone keys! This application is fun, and it's so easy that you'll be playing songs in minutes! It does not send tones over the phone so there is NO chance...

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