Leonard Lambert

  • DroidDream Malware Patch




    I originally wrote this app in about 30 minutes, but have since added features and made it a bit more visually appealing. It lists the files in /system and /system/bin. It will tell you if /system/bin/profile exists. It now also searches for apps with names matching reported infected app...

  • Master Volume Control




    This is just a simple volume control app that I wrote in a couple of hours. I wrote it for one person, but I figured that if anyone else could make use of it, it might be worth publishing. If something about the app doesn't work for you, or you'd like to see a feature added, please drop...

  • Panhandler Pro




    I'm a panhandler, but this is not a scam; all will become crystal clear as you read on. When you buy a bag of chips, the bag is half full, but you buy it anyway. You're paying for something; what is IT? Those 9/10ths on the gas station price signs never change. You aren't fooled,...

  • Andee Exposed


    Designed for developers but beneficial to all... it's almost too much information! It's better than looking under the hood, it's like having a glass engine! See exhaustive lists of information about all of your apps from a developer's point of view, and see what permissions your...

  • Safety Gadget




    If you never need this app, you've spent a buck forty-nine. If you do need it, what you save may be incalculable! It pays to be prepared! Kept simple to ensure reliability, Safety Gadget uses the camera flash LED and sound to provide four potentially life-saving features. 1. Flashes SOS in...

  • Lottery Loser




    Let the Earth's magnetic field generate your lottery numbers! Quick-picks, and almost every other number picker out there use Pseudo-Random Number Generation algorithms. They aren't really random, and they all get their numbers the same way. And that method is the one that hasn't...

  • Network Observer




    Do you ever find yourself wondering how you could possibly have blown through your network usage limits? Oh, only every month? Yea... I've been there... so I wrote this app. Network Observer provides you with total useage statistics, network information, and best of all, shows you on an app...

  • Touch-Tone Tutor




    Have children you need to entertain? Want to develop an unusual talent? Need an ice-breaker? Learn to play music on your touch-tone keys! This application is fun, and it's so easy that you'll be playing songs in minutes! It does not send tones over the phone so there is NO chance...

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