Leonid Shkatulo

  • 5.0

    Throwing Knife




    Throw knives accurately

  • Crossbow Shooting




    You can be trained in shooting from an arbalest in this game. Shooting is conducted on a distance from 20 to 50 meters. For exact hit in a target, it is necessary to consider decrease in an arrow which depends on distance to a target, and a pulling down of an arrow a wind. Force and a wind...

  • Football Penalty




    In the entertaining "Football Penalty" app, you, in turn represent itself as direct and the goalkeeper. In the app simple and intuitively clear management. In the menu choose quantity of shots on goal and tap "Play". When you the forward, concern a gate corner to which send a...

  • Throwing Knife deluxe




    "Throwing Knife deluxe" - A new version of the knife throwing simulator at moving targets. The goal - to get the most points. You can choose one of three knives. Knives are different mass. More heavy knife longer flies to the target, so we should take more proactive in aiming. You can...

  • Crossbow Shooting deluxe




    Crossbow Shooting is a simulator of shooting a crossbow at a target. Shooting is conducted at distances from 10 to 100 meters. At each distance is given 10 arrows. The goal - to pass all levels (distance) and score maximum points. Rules of the game: 1. To open following distance on the current...

  • Jet Flight. Space gold miner.




    "Jet Flight. Space gold miner" is a fun game where you have to fly on a jet device, search, collect and transport gems and gold coins to the base. For each gem delivered to the base you get a certain amount of points which depends on its color. Also is necessary to collect the gold...

  • Time Bomb Simulator




    Time bomb simulator - a joke app. This app will turn your smartphone into a time bomb simulator. You need to choose one of the bombs, set the time before the explosion and run mechanism. You can use this application in their games. Time bomb simulator will help you to have fun with friends.

  • Electric Socket Simulator




    Electric Socket Simulator - the application joke. This application will help you to have fun with friends. Never do this in real life !!! Do not stick your fingers into an electrical outlet !!! THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS !!!

  • Extreme Volleyball with a bomb




    The game Extreme Volleyball is a variation on the subject of volleyball. In this game, players will be robots. And unlike "normal volleyball" instead of the ball will be a bomb. A bomb is known to have a tendency to explode ... The purpose of game to blow up a bomb on the territory...

  • Fruit Puzzle




    In the game Fruit Puzzle you should spread out fruit on plates. 9 dishes with fruits are on the table. You need to put fruits on dishes with the same color as the fruit. To move a fruit tap the screen within an imaginary square of four dishes. Fruit placed on these dishes move clockwise to the...

  • Puzzle Neon Rings




    In the game Neon Rings on a game field there are 16 pairs color rings. You should arrange rings so that color of big rings coincided with color of the small rings located in them. It is possible to move only small rings. For their moving touch the screen within an imagined square from four rings....

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