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  • Alumnus 1: Historia Argentina

    Alumnus 1: Historia Argentina




    Pone a prueba tus conocimientos sobre historia Argentina en este entretenido juego de preguntas y respuestas. En ésta versión hay más de ochenta preguntas distribuidas en cuatro grandes categorías: - Conquista y Colonización - Nace la Patria - Unitarios y Federales - Presidencias Fundadoras...

  • Simon Stones (Free)

    Simon Stones (Free)




    Have fun playing with a new version of the classic "Simon Says". Set in prehistoric times, Simon Stones are two games in one. In the classic version you try to repeat the sequence of sounds and colors to advance in the game. The Black version has no colors. You should try to repeat...

  • Space Balls

    Space Balls




    Help Spooky on planet Xeon. Move your phone from left to right to avoid hitting the "Space Balls". This simple and addictive game is an adaptation of the classic "Falling Balls", this time for the whole family. Do not forget to try: it's free!

  • Wild Life Pair (Free)

    Wild Life Pair (Free)




    Classic memory game where you have to spin the pieces and find pairs of identical figures. Ideal to play with the kids, helps stimulate memory and recognize dististintos animals. Fun for the whole family.

  • Sky Traveler I

    Sky Traveler I




    Help the pilot to fly as many kilometers as possible without colliding with obstacles. Play now and become the best pilot of all times. Have fun with this addictive and simple game for all the family.

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