Liam Lang

  • Renotify Notification Maker




    Renotify allows you to set reminders very quickly when you're on the go. You can take your phone out, set a reminder, and put it back in your pocket as quickly as you can read this sentence. Put the app on your home screen on lock screen, and all you have to do is open it, immediately type...

  • Renotify Pro




    Renotify Pro is an enhanced version of the popular app Renotify, which can be seen in the 'More by developer' section. Renotify Pro includes all the existing features, plus options for expandable notifications, vibration reminders, Android Wear support with snooze/dismiss options on the...

  • Bitcoin Block Notifier




    This app lets you set a reminder to notify you when a certain block number is reached. For example, you could set it to "6 blocks from now" or "at block 327456". You can also enter a TxID and get a reminder once it's got a certain number of confirmations, or enter an...

  • Calasanctius TY App 2014




    App for Calasanctius TY class 2014. Features information about the school, sports, activities, achievements, interviews and a gallery full of photos.

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