Liam W

  • [ROOT] Android ID Changer

    [ROOT] Android ID Changer




    **THIS APP NEEDS ROOT** This app allows you to change your devices ANDROID_ID value. It does this by using the secure settings API system. To use this system, the app attempts to grant itself the WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission. If this fails, it'll prompt you to install it to the system....

  • Log Eraser

    Log Eraser




    This is a simple utility app for rooted devices owned by people that experience the bug where their /data/log folder gets filled up and all their storage space is eaten. This commonly happens on custom ROM's, however be aware not all are affected. With this app you can quickly empty that...

  • Am I Rooted?

    Am I Rooted?




    This is a simple app that uses many different methods to detect if your device is rooted or not. It may be useful to test the supposed 'root cloak' apps out there. Currently it uses the following: javaLib: A modification of Chainfires Shell library javaFile: Java implementation...

  • [ROOT] Reboot Widget

    [ROOT] Reboot Widget


    NOTE: THIS APP NEEDS ROOT! This app will provide you with a number of widgets to reboot your device in different ways. Current Widgets: ● Normal Reboot ● Reboot Recovery NOTE: You may need to re-add the widgets when updating the app!

  • Rain Catch

    Rain Catch




    A nice, relaxing, simple, boring game to play when your bored. You control a bucket. You have to get as many drops in the bucket to increase your score, before you miss too many! Google Play games implemented.

  • Spotify Community

    Spotify Community




    Access the Spotify Community using this handy app! Uses Holo theme on supported devices, as well as Action Bar buttons & Android search! 'Share to Community' allows you to share Spotify tracks directly to the community! Don't forget to report bugs, rate & review!

  • Ndk Test

    Ndk Test


    This is a simple app to test the NDK and Google Play's operations when the NDK is used. Downloading it is pointless - it will only work on a list of ANDROID_ID's.

  • System RW/RO (Donate)

    System RW/RO (Donate)




    This is the donate/paid version of the free System RW/RO application. This application adds no extra features, however please consider purchasing it if you like the free version!

  • System RW/RO (Free)

    System RW/RO (Free)




    This is a simple, no fuss app that will mount your system partition as either read only or writable at the touch of a button! Please consider purchasing the paid version if you find this app useful!






    This is the exact same as the paid version of No SMS, except this version is full of adverts ;)

  • Android .img Flasher

    Android .img Flasher




    **There is an older non updated free version on xda** **Please read ENTIRE description!** This app allows you to quickly and easily flash recovery and boot .img files to your rooted device, without having to use fastboot. Please be aware that some devices will revert the recovery image after a...

  • Add a Feature

    Add a Feature




    This is a nice simple app that will allow you to fake a feature on your device to Google Play. This app allows you to add any feature listed on the Google Developer website. Using this app you can see apps on Google Play that would normally be marked not compatible with your device due to...

  • No SMS

    No SMS


    Have you ever been driving and got a text, and needed to tell the person you can't reply? Have you ever gotten into a text loop, where you are texting someone and the person wont stop replying? Ever wanted to have a rest from texting, and tell the person texting you this? Well, this app...

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