• Anything to SMS(CSV, XML, SQL)




    *WARN* : 'Noka Csv' actually means 'imported with Nokia PC Suite' This a generic SMS importer working with pattern matching. Write your own ones and convert your imported files into SMS messages.

  • Phone Composer (DTMF)




    This application is a DTMF code generator for your contacts' numbers. Call a phone number with your home phone without having to type it digit after digit. If your home phone is able to recognize a sound pulsation, it will listen to your smartphone for a "tone generated" phone...

  • Remote Audio




    *Howto (ssh only for the moment) MP3 Shoutcast not yet working. Remote audio is to your sound card what vnc is to your video card. It is able to listen to your /dev/dsp sound by ssh or by web server. Now you can listen to your music collection without...

  • Xeyes Widget




    I'm not very egged on improving this any further. But it will stay here just for your eyes ! 16/05/2010 Eyes blinking 19/04/2010 Skinnable 18/04/2010 Speed setting available. This widget is a port of the famous Xeyes PC widget onto Android. It will soon have 3 modes : looking anywhere,...

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