Libro Movil

  • Soldiers of Fortune


    Fragment: "It is so good of you to come early," said Mrs. Porter, as Alice Langham entered the drawing room. "I want to ask a favor of you. I'm sure you won't mind. I would ask one of the debutantes, except that they're always so cross if one puts them next to men...

  • Questao de Honra e outras


    Muitos dos contos de Artur Azevedo apresentam a figura feminina desprovida de qualquer escrúpulo, capaz de qualquer coisa para realizar seus desejos mais fúteis. Sob o irônico título de "Questão de Honra" esconde-se uma história de prostituição voluntária, no caso, por um vestido.

  • Old Story of the New World


    Fragment: On a bright day in the summer of 1643, a light pleasure boat shot gaily across the harbor of Boston, laden with a merry party, whose cheerful voices were long heard, mingling with the ripple of the waves, and the music of the breeze, which swelled the canvas, and bore them swiftly...

  • Strange Stories Young People


    Fragment: During the war of 1812 14, between Great Britain and the United States , the weak Spanish Governor of Florida for Florida was then Spanish territory permitted the British to make Pensacola their base of operations against us. This was a gross outrage, as we were at peace with Spain at...

  • Son of Power


    Fragment: The Good Grey Nerve His name was Sanford Hantee, but you will hear that only occasionally , for the boys of the back streets called him Skag, which "got" him somewhere at once. That was in Chicago. He was eleven years old, when he wandered quite alone to Lincoln Park Zoo,...

  • The Dominion of the Air


    Fragment: "He that would learn to fly must be brought up to the constant practice of it from his youth, trying first only to use his wings as a tame goose will do, so by degrees learning to rise higher till he attain unto skill and confidence." So wrote Wilkins, Bishop of Chester, who...

  • The Poetics Aristotle


    Fragment: I propose to treat of Poetry in itself and of its various kinds, noting the essential quality of each; to inquire into the structure of the plot as requisite to a good poem; into the number and nature of the parts of which a poem is composed; and similarly into whatever else falls...

  • The New Atlantis


    Fragment: THE NEW ATLANTIS We sailed from Peru, (where we had continued for the space of one whole year) for China and Japan, by the South Sea; taking with us victuals for twelve months; and had good winds from the east, though soft and weak, for five months space, and more. But the wind came...

  • The Secret Sharer


    Fragment: On my right hand there were lines of fishing stakes resembling a mysterious system of half submerged bamboo fences, incomprehensible in its division of the domain of tropical fishes, and crazy of aspect as if abandoned forever by some nomad tribe of fishermen now gone to the other end...

  • The Story of Eclipses


    Fragment: It may, I fear, be taken as a truism that "the man in the street" (collectively, the "general public") knows little and cares less for what is called physical science. Now and again when something remarkable happens, such as a great thunderstorm, or an earthquake,...

  • Aerobic Fitness


    Fragment: We are always reminded that exercise could do wonders for the body. Aerobics, a kind of exercise which helps your body use more oxygen while maintaining your target heart range, can definitely help a person live longer and healthier. There are studies showing that 30 minutes of aerobics...

  • When Egypt Went Broke


    Fragment: Tasper Britt arose in the gray dawn, as usual. Some fishermen, seeking bait, stay up late and "jack" angleworms with a bull's eye light. The big worms are abroad on the soil under cover of the darkness. Other fishermen get up early and dig while the dew is holding the...

  • Romanzen vom Rosenkranz


    In weiter Kammer schlief ich und die Brüder Auf stillen Betten, die der Traum umspielet; Der Amme Lied ertönte still, und nieder Die Winternacht mit kalten Sternen zielet. Gesegnet seid, ihr ernsten nächt'gen Scheine, Die ihr mir in die junge Seele fielet! Ich fühlte ruhig mich, in...

  • Della Tirannide


    in questo libri incredibile in italiano, trovare: Della tirannide Soglionsi per lo più i libri dedicare alle persone potenti, perché gli autori credono ritrarne chi lustro, chi protezione, chi mercede. Non sono, o DIVINA LIBERTÀ, spente affatto in tutti i moderni cuori le tue cocenti faville:...

  • La religión


    Reflétant le thème de ce livre, nous présentons l'extrait suivant:|La raison qui me démontre avec tant de clarté l' existence d' un dieu, me répond si obscurément lorsque je l' interroge sur la nature de mon âme, et garde un silence si profond quand je lui demande la cause des...

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