Libro Movil

  • A Short History of England


    Fragment: It will be very reasonably asked why I should consent, though upon a sort of challenge, to write even a popular essay in English history, who make no pretence to particular scholarship and am merely a member of the public. The answer is that I know just enough to know one thing: that...

  • Infidelidad


    Con gran sorpresa oyó Isabel de boca de su amiga Claudia, mujer formal entre todas, y en quien la belleza sirve de realce a la virtud, como al azul esmalte el rico marco de oro, la confesión siguiente: Aquí, donde me ves, he cometido una infidelidad crudelísima, y si hoy soy tan firme y...

  • Strong Hearts


    The Solitary "The dream of Pharaoh is one. The seven kine are seven years; and the seven good ears are seven years: the dream is one. And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice, it is because the thing is established."...

  • Self Improvement


    Fragment: Helping Ones Self for Self Improvement Don't Settle for Mediocrity True success in life can only come by not settling for mediocrity, we should always strive to achieve and get the most out of life that we possibly can, it is only when we push ourselves and give it all we've got...

  • La Princesse de Clèves


    Reflétant le thème de ce livre, nous présentons l'extrait suivant:|La magnificence et la galanterie n'ont jamais paru en France avec tant d'éclat que dans les dernières années du règne de Henri second. Ce prince était galant, bien fait et amoureux ; quoique sa passion pour Diane de...

  • Invention of a New Religion




    Fragment: Voltaire and the other eighteenth century philosophers, who held religions to be the invention of priests, have been scorned as superficial by later investigators. But was there not something in their view, after all? Have not we, of a later and more critical day, got into so...

  • La Iliada de Homero


    En este audiolibro encontrará la versión de la Iliada desde la perspectiva del grandioso escritor Jose Marti.

  • The Secret Agent


    Fragment: Mr Verloc, going out in the morning, left his shop nominally in charge of his brother in law. It could be done, because there was very little business at any time, and practically none at all before the evening. Mr Verloc cared but little about his ostensible business. And, moreover ,...

  • A Horse's Tale


    SOLDIER BOYPRIVATELY TO HIMSELF am Buffalo Bill's horse. I have spent my life under his saddle with him in it, too, and he is good for two hundred pounds, without is clothes; and there is no telling how much he does weigh when he is out on the warpath and has his batteries belted on. He is...

  • La Historia de Mi Vida


    El jefe de la oficina me dijo: A no ser por lo mucho que estimo a su honorable padre, le habría hecho a usted emprender el vuelo hace tiempo. Y yo le contesté: Me lisonjea en extremo su excelencia al atribuirme la facultad de volar. Su excelencia gritó, dirigiéndose al secretario: ¡Llévese usted...

  • Técnicas de Curación Mental


    El tema de la curación es tan antiguo como las mismas edades y ha sido siempre materia de investigación y de experimentación. Pero el correcto empleo de las fuerzas de curación y de la facultad de curar está en su infancia. Solo en esta era y generación, es posible, por fin, impartir las leyes de...

  • My Own True Ghost Story


    Somewhere in the Other World, where there are books and pictures and plays and shop-windows to look at, and thousands of men who spend their lives in building up all four, lives a gentleman who writes real stories about the real insides of people; and his name is Mr. Walter Besant. But he will...

  • Power Through Repose


    Fragment: THE literature relating to the care of the human body is already very extensive. Much has been written about the body's proper food, the air it should breathe, the clothing by which it should be protected, the best methods of its development. That literature needs but little added...

  • The Candy Country


    Fragment: "I shall take mamma's red sun umbrella, it is so warm, and none of the children at school will have one like it," said Lily, one day, as she went through the hall. "The wind is very high; I'm afraid you'll be blown away if you carry that big thing,"...

  • Zum wilden Mann


    Sie machten weit und breit ihre Bemerkungen über das Wetter, und es war wirklich ein Wetter, über das jedermann seine Bemerkungen laut werden lassen durfte, ohne Schaden an seiner Reputation zu leiden. Es war ein dem Anscheine nach dem Menschen außergewöhnlich unfreundlicher Tag gegen das Ende...

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