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  • 500 Bath and Beauty Recipes


    500 Bath and Beauty Recipes Fragment: Aspen Dreams Bath Salts This scent is very woody, and is suited for soothing your muscles and relaxing in the tub. It is very masculine in scent, I think. I enjoy this after a long day at work, it makes me feel comfortable and content. Women love it as well...

  • Adventure of Blue Carbuncle


    The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle This story is set almost entirely on the 27th December. Watson visits his friend Holmes at Christmas time and finds him contemplating a battered old hat, brought to him by the commissionaire Peterson after it and a Christmas goose had been dropped by a man in a...

  • Adventure of Copper Beeches


    The Adventure of the Copper Beeches – AudioEbook. Violet Hunter visits Holmes, asking whether she should accept a job as governess; a job with very strange conditions. She is enticed by the phenomenal salary which, as originally offered, is £100 a year, later increased to £120 when Miss Hunter...

  • Adventure the Noble Bachelor


    The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor – AudioEbook. The story entails the bride of the fictional Lord Robert St. Simon disappearing on the day of their marriage. She attends (and participates in) the wedding, but disappears from the reception. The events of the wedding day are most perplexing to...

  • Adventure of the Beryl Coronet


    A banker, Mr. Alexander Holder of Streatham makes a loan of £50,000 to a socially prominent client, who leaves the Beryl Coronet — one of the most valuable public possessions in existence — as collateral. Holder feels that he must not leave this rare and precious piece of jewellery in his...

  • The Ballad of the White Horse


    (AudioEbook). The Ballad of the White Horse is a poem by G K Chesterton about the idealized exploits of the Saxon King Alfred the Great, Written in ballad form, the work is usually considered an epic poem. The poem narrates how Alfred was able to defeat the invading Danes at the Battle of...

  • L'Art de la Guerre - Sun Tzu




    L'ouvrage est fondé sur le principe suivant : gagner ou perdre une guerre ne se fait pas par hasard, ni par l'intervention des dieux ou des esprits. C'est une question de méthode et de stratégie. De bons principes stratégiques conduisent à la victoire, il est donc important de les...

  • The Divine Comedy - Part 3


    AudioEbook - Part 3. The Divine Comedy is an epic poem written by Dante Alighieri between 1308 and his death in 1321. It is widely considered the preeminent work of Italian literature,and is seen as one of the greatest works of world literature. The poem's imaginative and allegorical vision...

  • Tao Teh King – Lao Tze




    Lao-Tze’s Tao Teh King illuminates The Tao: a guiding principle of the universe and all within it. By exploring the nature of dualities and complements, Lao-Tze dissects strength and weakness; presence and absence; life and death. The Tao Teh King has served as a foundation for centuries of...

  • Tales of Terror and Mystery


    Collection of tales of mystery and horror written by the great Arthur Conan Doyle - The Horror of the Heights - The Leather Funnel - The New Catacomb - The Case of Lady Sannox - The Terror of Blue John Gap - The Brazilian Cat - The Lost Special - The Beetle-Hunter - The Man with the...

  • Le Fantôme de l’Opéra


    Des phénomènes étranges se produisent à l'Opéra. Un lustre s'effondre pendant une représentation, un machiniste est retrouvé pendu. Mais le personnage dont certains affirment avoir vu la tête squelettique ne semble être qu'un humain ; en effet les directeurs de l'Opéra se voient...

  • Egyptian Tales - AudioEbook


    In this fantastic application you will find fantastic stories of the Egyptian civilization. This enigmatic people with a high knowledge in many disciplines used their magnific temples to transmit their way of living through centuries of history.

  • Oedipus Rex – Sophocles


    Oedipus the King (often known by the Latin title Oedipus Rex) is an Athenian tragedy by Sophocles that was first performed c. 429 BC. It was the second of Sophocles's three Theban plays to be produced, but it comes first in the internal chronology, followed by Oedipus at Colonus and then...

  • Aesop's Fables – AudioBook




    Great Esopo Fables in audio format to be listened by children. These short tales have fantastic messages for young people to learn positive qualities for their lives. Keywords: book, audio, english, fable, children, education, moral, story, collection

  • Myths and Legends All Nations


    AudioEbook. In this application you will find fantastic stories from diferent mythologies through the ages and civilizations.

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