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  • Free Personality Test




    What kind of person are you? What is your personality? Find out with this app Free Personality Test! Using a tried and true, yet brief, personality test, you can read a thorough description of your personality based on the results of your personality test. It's fast and it's free!...

  • BMI Calculator!




    Are you ACTUALLY overweight? BMI, or body mass index, is a standard way to test if you are underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese by taking into account your height and weight. BMI is used all over the world, which is why there is also an option of metric units. This app is easy to...

  • GCF and LCD




    Need to find the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) or the Lowest Common Divisor (LCD, or also called Lowest Common Denominator)? Look no further, this app solves both of these problems! No need to do any math! Just type in the 2 numbers and the GCF and LCD show up on the screen in no time! Features:...

  • Area Calculator




    Calculating area is a key to everyday life. From math homework to finding square footage, calculating area can be time consuming and difficult. First, you have to remember the formula. You don't remember so you search it online. Once you got the formula, you have to plug in the numbers. After...

  • The World's Best Flashlight!!!




    It's the World's Best Flashlight!!! Check out other Limpossible Technologies Apps: Super Coin Flip Rock, Paper, Scissors!!! Letter from the Tooth Fairy Quadratic Equations Solver Pythagorean Theorem Solver Proportions Solver Weighted Percentages Quarterback Rating Area Calculator Random...

  • Weighted Percentages Calculato


    Calculating Weighted Percentages is hard and not many people know or remember how to calculate a weighted percentage. You could search how to calculate a weighted percentage and with pencil and paper figure it out, or you can simply download this app faster than the time it would take to write...

  • Quarterback Rating




    How do you measure how good a quarterback is? What statistics do you look at? That is where Quarterback Rating comes in. Just plug in some basic statistics and within seconds 3 different Quarterback Ratings and 3 different statistics show up on your screen! Most of the best quarterbacks get paid...

  • Element of the Day




    Whether you are a Nobel-prize winning chemist or an average Joe, it never hurts to learn the basics of the Periodic Table. However, learning the Periodic Table can be intimidating and difficult if you try to memorize it all at once. In contrast, it can be easy and fun if you take it slow. With...

  • Random Phone Number Generator




    Ever need help to generate a random phone number? This app can help! Random Phone Number Generator will change the way humans will generate random phone numbers! Want international? Just put the add the country code to the beginning and you can call any person in the world! And did I mention...

  • What is the Meaning of Life?




    What quality sets humans apart from other living things? The answer is curiosity. Humans can actually ponder on their existence. When a porcupine looks up at the night sky, that porcupine doesn't wonder if there are other porcupines out there in the universe. That porcupine doesn't mind...

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors!




    The game we know today as "Rock, Paper, Scissors" has been played in countless cultures and time periods. In ancient times, kings would play this game to peacefully settle border disputes. During the great voyages of 15th and 16th century European explorers, captains would settle issues...

  • Letter from the Tooth Fairy!




    Now have a direct link to the Tooth Fairy in the palm of your hands! Now you can contact the Tooth Fairy and instantly get a personalized congratulations letter! Just enter some basic information, and in a blink of an eye is a letter from the Tooth Fairy! The Tooth Fairy also has tips to keep...

  • Super Coin Flip!




    Have you ever wanted to flip a coin while skydiving? Have you ever wanted to flip a coin and had no pocket change? Now with Super Coin Flip, that can all change! (Pun intended) Not only does Super Coin Flip come with a basic coin flip, but it also comes packaged with 2 additional single-player...

  • Proportion Solver




    Whether you are a student just learning about them or a world renowned mathematician, proportions are a key to everyday math. Although proportions are usually easy, sometimes you don't have scratch paper or the numbers are just a pain to calculate. That's where this app comes in....

  • Pythagorean Theorem Solver




    The Pythagorean Theorem may seem really simple. However, if the numbers are large and complicated, finding the length of a side of a right triangle may be a touch endeavor. This app was created to solve the pencil breaking and pillow punching that comes with a tough Pythagorean Theorem Problem....

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