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Drum Studio

Version 3.7 - Navigation Bar Hidden Let's play drum on your android devices!! Drum studio is multi-touch drum kit application which offers you the best sound quality. Cool Features: - Rock kit & Hiphop kit - Multi-touch Support - Right handed hi-hat, crash and ride - Drum position settings - Cool animation

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Guitar Picking

Have you ever tried to play guitar intros but you have no idea how to play those songs ? Then, ready to play it now ! This application will help you play these songs by just only one finger. Single touch means that note(s) will be played. So, touch the screen repeatedly to the end of intros. Or you can get the real guitar and follow the display…

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Mini Cajon

Cajon - a portable box which is percussion instrument. Now, you can enjoy it on your android devices.

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Download Panda Quarterback Panda Quarterback icon
Panda Quarterback

Even panda has a dream to participate in Superbowl !! He has watched NFL for many matches and now he is trying to be one of the American Football players !! It's your job to train him run like running back and throw like quarterback !! Game Objective - Tap speed button as much as possible to gain throwing power. More speed you have, the mor…

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Download Analog Metronome Analog Metronome icon
Analog Metronome

This application will bring you back to the traditional way of counting beat !! "Analog Metronome" - is old style metronome which musicians used before digital metronome we use today!! Cool features :- - Tempo is controlled by finger, so very easy to change tempo - New function!! Added input keyboard to put tempo between 40 to 240 BPM

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Download Yakiniku King Yakiniku King icon
Yakiniku King

Experience the taste of beef from this game !! Yakiniku or Grilled Beef has been known as one of popular dish in Japan where customer can really taste the good quality beef. The purpose of this game is how fast you can eat (click in the game) beef in one minute. Game objective - Try to click on cooked beef only, where you will get more combos a…

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Download King of Baccarat King of Baccarat icon
King of Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the popular casino games. The rules are very simple. You will choose side to place your chips into the three areas - Player, Banker and Tie. Then, dealer will deal basically 4 cards - two on player & two on banker and compare which side is higher >>> Wins !! But there are some conditions, if score on player side is…

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Download Panda Golfer Panda Golfer icon
Panda Golfer

Panda Golfer is the most adventurous physics golf game in the market. The game mission is simple, just put golf ball into the hole. However, it is not that simple !! There are 12 unique golf holes in this version (and many more to come). Each Level, you will be given 4 strokes (or balls) to complete levels (For Hole-in-One, extra points will be g…

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Download Food Quiz Food Quiz icon
Food Quiz

Can you tell the food if you see raw ingredient ? Did you know that the first soup was first created around 6000 BC and the main ingredient was Hippopotamus !! Did you know that what is the national dish of Brazil ? Food Quiz will bring you to the world of food !! The main purpose is you need to answer all random questions as fast as possible. T…

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City Quiz

Can you tell a city name from photos ? If you like to travel, then this game is a must !!! "Name a City" is a game (city quiz) that test your travel knowledge. We have seen many city landmarks around the world from magazines, TVs or experiences, but how many of them can you recognize ? The game is simple. Just type the city name, for e…

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