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  • CRUISE-photo navigation-

    CRUISE-photo navigation-




    -Application to navigate on the earth with photos- "CRUISE" is an application which enables us to choose freely a place and a date from our backyard to the other end of the globe and to enjoy photos contributed by people around the world. You can also transmit your views or thoughts to...

  • Class Camera -gallery organize

    Class Camera -gallery organize




    camera application to classify the taken photo into album automatically only by selecting the icon +Automatic folder(album) creation and distribution of the photos +Hidden secret folder settings +Confirmation screen of the taken photo Haven't you bothered to organize the enormous photos...

  • Diet Memo〜for weight loss

    Diet Memo〜for weight loss




    "Diet memo" is a simple and quick messenger type record application for weight loss. ◎Feature of Diet memo * User Interface like Messenger(easy and simple, quick input method) * You can register with notes and photos(food, meal) not only weight * You can register with notes and photos...

  • Women's Stamp Calendar/Diary

    Women's Stamp Calendar/Diary




    Immediate input is possible when users start the app. Only tap schedule icon and time. Smooth operation by swipe and scroll. Users can input a new plan while checking existing appointments. Display all calendars in users terminal. If users are using google calendars, it synchronizes with them...

  • Quick picture backup to SDcard

    Quick picture backup to SDcard




    It is an application to back up pictures to the SD card preparing for terminal failure/loss or change model. Do you have a solution of backup of pictures in your terminal in preparation for affairs such as an error in the terminal or change device? Recent terminals have an internal SD with the...

  • Quick picture reduction/resize

    Quick picture reduction/resize




    "Quick picture reduction" is a compressor application that take a reduced picture and reduce an existent picture. Have you been in trouble for too high resolution pictures of the smartphone? *You have friends or parents who have the feature(old style) phone. *You frequency post...

  • Kiss-Share the photo/picture

    Kiss-Share the photo/picture




    "Kiss" is the simplest application to share the photos among friends. In addition, the other party can receive the original picture of the high-precision data, not low-precision data like on SMS. How do you share your photos with your friends? When feature phones were used, many of...

  • Fast Scheduler/Calendar

    Fast Scheduler/Calendar




    "Fast Scheduler" is an innovative schedule application that allows users to input the plan(event) on your calendar quickly. As users also can input even on the one hand, it is very useful specially when they are moving or in a hurry. The intuitive interface lets them not high of IT...

  • Quick Lady's Scheduler

    Quick Lady's Scheduler




    "Quick Lady's Scheduler" is an innovative application that allows users to input the plan on your calendar quickly. Immediate input is possible when users start the app. Only tap schedule icon and time. Smooth operation by swipe and scroll. Users can input a new plan while checking...

  • Balloon Memo-record note

    Balloon Memo-record note




    This is a simple memo application that has an interface like Messenger. This APP allows you to record text and picture data. The date of a memo on the screen is shown on the title bar. URL in the text is linked to web site and you can call directly from telephone number in the text. The function...

  • linkle contact exchange

    linkle contact exchange




    Haven't you been in trouble with exchanging contact information each other? “linkle contact exchange” is the best application to exchange phone number or mail address It is very easy to exchange contact information by the same keyword. Even the other party doesn't have this application,...

  • YokubariDiary-stamp calendar

    YokubariDiary-stamp calendar




    “Yokubari diary” is an application of diary/calendar/journey that allows users to record all of the information women need, for example, schedule, health, meal, diet, spending, dating, self portrait, working, scrap. ◎Features ・Design motif of masking tape ・Simple visual interface ・Easy...

  • Voisnap Camera-sound photos

    Voisnap Camera-sound photos




    Voisnap Camera(Photo with sound) is a Camera App that records the sounds of the moment you take the photo. You can keep your photo private, or make it public and share with other users. Also, you can share your photos on Facebook and Twitter, so that your friends or followers can see and hear...

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