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  • Screenshot PRO




    “Screenshot PRO!” is a multiple functions application for users who have many occasions to take screenshot (screen capture, screen memo). After taking screenshot, this app comes back automatically and allows users to share or edit directly. As the status bar (the bar on the top part of the...

  • Kawaii Mirror -high brightness




    For girls, a mirror is what she just cannot leave behind. From checking the morning appearance (hear style), grooming after lunch (especially around the mouth), to preparing the night time make-up, a mirror always appears in these scenes in a day. This app could turn the smartphone to a mirror...

  • Diet Memo - for weight loss




    "Diet memo" is a simple and quick messenger type record application for weight loss. ◎Feature of Diet memo * User Interface like Messenger(easy and simple, quick input method) * You can register with notes and photos(food, meal) not only weight * You can register with notes and photos...

  • Class Camera -gallery organize




    camera application to classify the taken photo into album automatically only by selecting the icon +Automatic folder(album) creation and distribution of the photos +Hidden secret folder settings +Confirmation screen of the taken photo Haven't you bothered to organize the enormous photos...

  • Balloon Memo-record note/image




    This is a memo pad app for taking memos with text and images just like the text messenger you are accustomed to(like WhatsApp,Tango, LINE, Viber, Kik, Facebook, kakao, WeChat). With could backup function, you can use it to take the previous data even if the model changes. A very convenient tool...

  • Easy Picture Reduction/Resize




    "Easy picture reduction" is a compressor application that take a reduced picture and reduce an existing picture. As you can delete the privacy information such as the location, date and time, you don't have to worry about that these information are show off. In New Version,...

  • Quick picture backup to SDcard




    It is an application to back up pictures to the SD card preparing for terminal failure/loss or change model. Do you have a solution of backup of pictures in your terminal in preparation for affairs such as an error in the terminal or change device? Recent terminals have an internal SD with the...

  • Women's Stamp Calendar/Diary




    Immediate input is possible when users start the app. Only tap schedule icon and time. Smooth operation by swipe and scroll. Users can input a new plan while checking existing appointments. Display all calendars in users terminal. If users are using google calendars, it synchronizes with them...

  • Easy Image Crop -Trim/Cut Pic-




    This is a trimming application anybody can cut(trim) easily the photo and the picture . After trimming, it can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Tango, Viber, kik, LINE, kakao, WeChat directly. Features #Cut into rectangle You can cut in any size by the expansion and contraction of the...

  • Small Camera - reduce/resize




    This is a camera application that takes a picture and sends the picture to the family or friend of the feature phone. "Small Camera" also saves the capacity of the terminal by shooting a low resolution photo. *Features* 1)Reduce a photo automatically and send it As the photo taken has...

  • Peace Camera - silent/privacy




    "Peace Camera" is a camera app that we can use safely in case 'we worry about the flash sounds and we don’t want to leave the privacy information such as the location, date and time'. Very simple yet it provides all necessary and sufficient functions, so it is great for using...

  • Easy Screenshot (capture/memo)




    “Easy Screenshot” is a ready-to-use application which allows everyone to take screenshot (screen capture, screen memo) easily. Especially, this app is convenient for shooting screenshot of snapchat. After taking screenshot, this app comes back automatically and allows users to share or edit...

  • Easy Schedule - quick calendar




    1)Enter your plans right away Once you have the app on, you can enter right away. You can use one touch entry for 30-minute frame (individual and detailed time setting available as well) The operation screen is specially designed for entering schedule even with one hand. 2)Work with the existing...

  • Kumamon's Balloon Memo




    This is a memo pad app for taking memos with text and images just like the text messenger you are accustomed to. Incorporated "Kumamon" as the motif to help mostly for female users to enjoy the app. A very convenient tool for quick memo-taking. As the record kept in a chronological...

  • CRUISE-photo navigation/album-




    Application to navigate on the earth with photos. An application which enables us to choose freely a place and a date from our backyard to the other end of the globe and to enjoy photos contributed by people around the world. You can also transmit your views or thoughts to people from any part...

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