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    Spanish Podcasts

    Spanish Podcasts contains over 20 carefully selected popular podcasts to help you learn Spanish. With Spanish Podcasts you can: - Enhance your listening and speaking with thousands of podcasts on a wide variety of topics. - Study simple to advanced Spanish vocabulary, Spanish pronunciation, Spanish idioms and phrases, natural Spanish conversations…

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    Chinese Podcast (Mandarin)

    Learn Chinese with Podcasts helps you learn Mandarin Chinese the most natural, effective and effortless way. It integrates over 20 carefully selected resources including popular podcasts that cover almost every aspect of the Chinese language. With Learn Chinese with Podcasts you can: - Practice and improve your Chinese daily with lessons for learne…

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    Italian Podcasts

    Italian Podcasts (Learn Italian with Podcasts) contains over 25 popular podcasts in Italian. Italian Podcasts brings to you thousands of lessons and listening hours to help you study Italian at all times. Whether you're looking for simple Italian survival phrases, lessons for newbies or advanced learners, grammar lessons, natural conversations,…

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    Korean Podcasts for Learners

    Korean Podcasts (for Learners) contains 15 popular podcasts in Korean. Korean Podcasts brings to you thousands of lessons and listening hours to help you study Korean more effectively. You can learn from simple Korean survival phrases for tourists to advanced grammar and natural conversations by native Korean speakers. This app will be particularly…

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