• Phish Tabs




    The Great American Jam Band Phish has been enthralling audiences with their beautiful compositions and fantastic improvisation for decades. Now you can learn how to play over 350 of their songs, with Phish Tabs. Phish Tabs is a graphical front end for EmilsTabs.org, a collection of...

  • Starling Fall




    A frantic and addicting arcade game that combines strategy and reflex! After a malfunction, you've been forced to crash-land your Starling S-197 personal spacecraft on a barren and hostile satellite. You step onto the surface and into a barrage of strange orbs. Grab green orbs to save your...

  • Clean Widgets




    Clean Widgets is a collection of home screen widgets for Android phones and tablets. It contains two clocks, two battery meters, and toggles for 8 different settings (Airplane mode, auto-sync, auto-rotate, Bluetooth, brightness, flashlight, vibrate mode, and WiFi). All of the widgets have...

  • QuickChange




    Use QuickChange to help you keep track of piggy banks, or other loose change containers! Keep coins in your car for parking meters and tolls? Know how much you have! Easy toggle lets you switch between depositing and withdrawing money. Track as many different containers as you want, and get a...

  • Polygonous




    Polygonous is a Live Wallpaper for Android, that will replace your old static desktop background with super customizable shapes and trails. The effect can range from something reminiscent of the screensaver "Mystify", to an ocean of microbes, and it's all up to you. Add color and...

  • Polygonous Lite




    Polygonous Lite is a free preview version of the popular Polygonous live wallpaper. It will let you send colorful shapes of your choosing bounce around your homescreens. The effect is similar to the screensaver "Mystify". Buying the full version unlocks color, background settings, and...

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