• Voyager




    Embark on an epic journey to outer space with the Voyager spacecraft! Launch Voyager at the right angle and with the right force, to ensure that it safely reaches its target, while visiting as many other planets on the way as possible. Use the gravitational pull from the planets to allow the...

  • Calendar Overview




    Get an instant overview of many weeks or months at a time in your calendar with a single glance at Calendar Overview. Days are stacked vertically with events shown horizontally for the best possible overview. This app uses the entire screen to give you as much information about upcoming and past...

  • Copter++




    This is a remake of the classic browser game Copter. The goal is to fly as far as possible while avoiding hitting the obstacles. Touch the screen to fly up and have fun! Features: - Random generated level - Challenging gameplay - Global highscores (when internet) - Pause using menu button

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