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Battlefield 3 Guns

Shoot Battlefield 3 guns and hear their sounds! Comes complete with all the weapons and their authentic sounds used in the smash-hit BF3 game. There are also statistics for every gun as well as damage charts. Simply swipe your finger over the name of the gun to access the stats and graphs. You can shake your phone to fire! Vibration is enabled a…

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Animated AK-47 action! Flying bullets! Discharged casings! Clip reloads! A Kalasnikov that animates realistically! If you like gun apps, you'll love this one! ★ Features ★ - Moving Bullets - Discharged bullet shells/casings - Magazine reloads - Authentic Sounds Bullets, shells, and magazines can all be seen visually as you shoot! If you li…

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Download CS: Global Offensive Guns CS: Global Offensive Guns icon
CS: Global Offensive Guns

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Guns! Comes complete with ALL the main weapons and ALL their authentic sounds used in the fun and classicly updated new game (includes both terrorists and anti-terrorists). This is a special elite soundboard app that has semi and automatic weaponry sounds. Now supports shake and vibrate! The following weapons ar…

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Mad Math Minute

Take one minute a day to exercise your brain with an interactive math game! Mad Math Minute includes fun and cool 60 second math drills to work out your cranium! ★ Game Types ★ ** Addition ** ** Subtraction ** ** Multiplication ** ** Division ** ** Mixed ** Keep track of your progress in a local leaderboard, or compete against the world for r…

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RuneScape Staker FREE

This is a staking emulator for the game, Runescape. It emulates a box match between equal-stat opponents. The premise of this app (and the current theory behind stake boxing) is that you should double up your stake amounts if you lose; if you win, you go back to your original stake amount for the next stake. The only problem is picking a good n…

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Binomial Graphing Calculator

Essentially, this app takes a sample probability, and then asks for a particular outcome one may want; it then calculates the exact, at most, at least, fewer than, and more than chances of obtaining such an outcome. Not only does this app calculate the chances of a particular outcomes, but it also shows the probable possibilities on a distribution…

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