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  • Landscape Live Wallpaper

    Landscape Live Wallpaper




    Let the natural beauty enter your screen! "Landscape Live Wallpaper" is your new guide to the most "beautiful scenery" in the world! Rest your eyes on these amazing pictures that will leave you breathless! The best "nature wallpaper" that you can find on the market...

  • Ocean Live Wallpaper

    Ocean Live Wallpaper




    Explore the depth of the ocean! Ocean Live Wallpaper will bathe your screen with fresh water full of magnificent sea creatures! Choose the unique shark live wallpaper - no one will dare touch your smartphone! These background images are so realistic that you can almost hear soothing ocean...

  • White Tiger Live Wallpaper

    White Tiger Live Wallpaper




    Discover your wild side! "White Tiger Live Wallpaper" will take you to the jungle in just one click! Enter the heart of wilderness without fear and meet the most beautiful of all the "wild animals" – the glorious white tiger! Why is this the best nature wallpaper that you can...

  • Sea Live Wallpaper

    Sea Live Wallpaper




    A real sea adventure – on your phone! Sea Live Wallpaper is an amazing free app that will take you underwater in no time! Dive into the depth of the blue sea and take your favorite wallpaper HD from the cute sea star! Take a swim and relax while beautiful fish pass you by! This is your free...

  • Pitbull Dog Live Wallpaper

    Pitbull Dog Live Wallpaper




    Have tons of fun with your pet! “Pitbull Dog LivAe Wallpaper” is finally here to bring you the best “dog pictures” available on the market! The wait is over – this application is exactly what you need to get beautiful wallpapers of your favorite pet – the “pit bull”! Your smartphone will be...

  • Koi Fish Live Wallpaper

    Koi Fish Live Wallpaper




    A fish pond on your phone screen! "Koi Fish Live Wallpaper" is finally here to turn your smartphone into a beautiful home for the amazing colorful fish! This amazing nature wallpaper will bring you one of the most exotic pets you have ever seen – Koi! If you want to know more about...

  • Paris Live Wallpaper

    Paris Live Wallpaper




    Enjoy watching the incredible attractions of Paris on your new live wallpaper! The beauties of the capital of France will be a perfect decoration on your screen, so don't waste your time - download this free live background and take pleasure in watching amazing pictures of Paris any time! -...

  • Pink Live Wallpaper

    Pink Live Wallpaper




    Be pretty in Pink Live Wallpaper!! Let this beautiful Smart phone application boosts you with energy, passion and excitement! And many other things that Pink color represents! Let the romantic pictures make the happy atmosphere wherever you go. Now you can have lovely 3D pink roses or hearts...

  • Fairy Live Wallpaper

    Fairy Live Wallpaper




    Enter the world of imagination! Fairy Live Wallpaper will turn your screen into a "fairy tale" the moment you download it! If you believe in magic, these background images are an absolute must! Become a citizen of fairyland in just one click! Prove that these beautiful creatures are...

  • Rome Live Wallpaper

    Rome Live Wallpaper




    Rome sites on your new live wallpaper! Pictures of breathtaking sites and attractions of the capital of Italy can now be part of your phone background. Different images depicting the beauties of the eternal city on your screen! Download this amazing live wallpaper and take a short tour of Rome! -...

  • Sunset Live Wallpaper

    Sunset Live Wallpaper




    Sunset Live Wallpaper is a great new live wallpaper for all sunset lovers! Gorgeous backgrounds depicting romantic sunset. Beautiful colors, shades of red and pink or purple. Downolad Sunset Live Wallpaper and enjoy the view from your phone screen! Adorable live wallpaper, perfect for girls and...

  • Stars Live Wallpaper

    Stars Live Wallpaper




    Stars Live Wallpaper is a fun new live wallpaper, perfect for girls! Everyone loves stars, this lovely live wallpaper offers a variety of backgrounds with colorful little stars floating across your phone screen. Blue, pink, gold or green- choose your favorite and enjoy. Download Stars Live...

  • Moonlight Live Wallpaper

    Moonlight Live Wallpaper




    A romantic night under the moon! Moonlight Live Wallpaper is here to illuminate your night and make your screen shine bright! A new moon is waiting for you on each of these romantic pictures! Experience magic moments in the night light as soon as you get these beautiful wallpapers! Follow that...

  • Plasma Live Wallpaper

    Plasma Live Wallpaper




    Your screen will shine like a plasma lamp! "Plasma Live Wallpaper" will take you to a dimension of flashing lights and colorful backgrounds! Forget about all the boring apps and make room for this amazing "plasma ball" to shine on your display! These free wallpapers are like...

  • Sharingan Live Wallpaper

    Sharingan Live Wallpaper




    Look into the Sharingan Eye! "Sharingan Live Wallpaper" is a perfect application for all those who like martial arts! See the world through the Sharingan Eye and find your inner strength! These beautiful pictures with the combination of red and black are a great decoration for your...

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