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  • Crystals Live Wallpaper

    Crystals Live Wallpaper




    Crystals Live Wallpaper is a shiny new live wallpaper just for you! Make your phone screen sparkle, sparkle, twinle like a star! A perfectly girly live wallpaper, download Crystals Live Wallpaper and you'll get to love it so much that you'll never change it! Sophisticated and lady like....

  • Glitter Live Wallpaper

    Glitter Live Wallpaper




    Glitter Live Wallpaper is a shiny, sparkly new wallpaper for girls. You'll adore it! Flash here, flash there, be sparkling with your new live wallpaper. Download Glitter Live Wallpaper now and enjoy the glitter! Several lovely backgrounds that shimmer and glimmer. Frost your phone with...

  • Easter Live Wallpaper

    Easter Live Wallpaper




    Easter Live Wallpaper is a colorful new app that will make every day a holiday! If you love tradition and lots of colorful eggs then Easter Live Wallpaper is just the right application for you and your Android phone! Embellish your phone with shiny eggs, Easter baskets, chocolate bunnies and...

  • Daisies Live Wallpaper

    Daisies Live Wallpaper




    Daisies Live Wallpaper is a lovely new wallpaper waiting just for you! Decorate your phone screen with beautiful daisies like a true lady! Daisies Live Wallpaper is totally girly wallpaper you cannot do without! The best for girls, no matter how much you go from flower to flower in the end...

  • Eiffel Tower Live Wallpaper

    Eiffel Tower Live Wallpaper




    Pictures of The Eiffel Tower for your phone background! Decorate your screen with amazing images of one of the most famous Paris attractions and French symbols and enjoy watching them any time. Download 'Eiffel Tower Live Wallpaper' right now! - Greatest LWP for Android! - Keep tapping...

  • Snow Live Wallpaper

    Snow Live Wallpaper




    Snow Live Wallpaper will transform your phone or tablet screen into a romantic snow globe and shower it with fluffy “snow white” snowflakes in a matter of seconds – just tap on it and admire the winter wonderland! Do you adore the winter games on the snow, but dislike the cold weather? “Snow...

  • Eagle Live Wallpaper

    Eagle Live Wallpaper




    Greatest eagle pictures on your live wallpaper! Take delight in watching golden and bald eagles flying over different nature backgrounds any time! Enjoy these beautiful bird images as part of your new wallpaper design! - Greatest LWP for Android! - Keep tapping on the screen and new pictures will...

  • Santa Live Wallpaper

    Santa Live Wallpaper




    Santa Live Wallpaper is the best Christmas decoration for your phone featuring most interesting pictures of Santa and his reindeer dashing through the snow! You'll adore watching them floating in different Xmas backgrounds! Download Santa Live Wallpaper for free and you can expect gifts...

  • Romantic Live Wallpaper

    Romantic Live Wallpaper




    Romantic Live Wallpaper for all romantic souls out there! Midnight walks in the moonlight, kiss, kiss and more kisses, hearts and red sunset, if you want these cute backgrounds to be yours, download Romantic Live Wallpaper for free and enjoy; the feeling of being in love will overwhelm you each...

  • Pony Live Wallpaper

    Pony Live Wallpaper




    Pony Live Wallpaper is a lovely new live wallpaper for every kid or even adults who like ponies! Adorable backgrounds depicting cute ponies on a grass field. A pony, that is a small horsy on this live wallpaper is in company of fun bubbles and shiny sparks! Perfect for girls or for kids. Every...

  • Ryujin Live Wallpaper

    Ryujin Live Wallpaper




    Ryujin Live Wallpaper is a fantastic wallpaper depicting a dragon! Not just any dragon, a sea dragon! In mythology of Japan this ancient sea god plays very important role. Get this mystic dragon on your phone screen and enjoy his intricate beauty! Download Ryujin Live Wallpaper now, it is...

  • Rosary Live Wallpaper

    Rosary Live Wallpaper




    Rosary Live Wallpaper for all true believers! Beautiful animated wallpaper for your phone screen! Download Live Wallpaper Rosary beads and beautiful and respected Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist right there on your own phone. Pray anytime, anywhere, regardless if you have a Rosary or just...

  • Snowflakes Live Wallpaper

    Snowflakes Live Wallpaper




    Snowflakes Live Wallpaper can take you to the “snow white” winter wonderland for free. Immerse yourself in the white snow - just tap on the screen and new snowflakes will cover your tablet or phone screen. Have you been looking for a perfect winter wallpaper to decorate your screen with fluffy...

  • Sunflower Live Wallpaper

    Sunflower Live Wallpaper




    Sunflower Live Wallpaper brings a free pocketful of sunshine and allows you to decorate your phone or tablet screen with the best yellow bouquet of pretty flowers. Just tap on the screen and the gentle sunflower petals will start floating around in a serene dance. Sun is up - these flower...

  • Philippines Live Wallpaper

    Philippines Live Wallpaper




    'Philippines Live Wallpaper' offers you a wonderful gallery of the islands' exotic beaches, beautiful nature sceneries and other attractions. The national flag and other symbols for all of you who love the islands - in 'Philippines Live Wallpaper'. Download this unique and...

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