Live Wallpaper HD

  • Real Sharks HD Live Wallpaper

    Real Sharks HD Live Wallpaper




    This live wallpaper is by far the best real shark HD footage made into a live video background for your Android phone. These sharks are not in aquariums, they are live and in the wild blue ocean. Some of the sharks are shown feeding, others are cruising the reef or at the top of the water in the...

  • Wildlife HD Live Wallpaper

    Wildlife HD Live Wallpaper




    Extensive footage of many animals captured in their natural habitats in pure 1080 HD. Ranging from rhinos to giraffes and from monkeys to exotic birds. This live video background will bring real life adventure to your Android phone. Must have app for any animal lover! This is a live wallpaper...

  • Spring Seasons HD

    Spring Seasons HD




    This zen like live video background will set the mood on your android phone to the spring season! The vibrant colors and high quality resolution will certainly brighten up your every day life. Real clouds develop and fade away over top of a lush field of green. The tree accents the entire scene...

  • Shark Aquarium HD

    Shark Aquarium HD




    This is real high definition footage taken from inside of a real shark aquarium. These are not computer generated graphics like used in anipet apps. Multiple blacktip sharks cruise around looking for food. Even change the speed in the settings to slow them down or speed them up! This...

  • Weed HD Live Wallpaper

    Weed HD Live Wallpaper


    Weed HD is a video background inspired by the rasta lifestyle and way of life. This marijuana leaf is simulated to appear it is blowing due to the smoke pumes. If you enjoy bud and you are constantly checking the time to see when 4:20 (420) is then this app is for you. It's time to put some...

  • Shrooms Live Wallpaper HD

    Shrooms Live Wallpaper HD




    This is one of the most trippy live video backgrounds available on the market to date. The colors glow like a rave, move and blend together and the magic mushrooms make you feel like you are on an lsd lucid acid experience! You'll be trippin out! A blast from the 70's in current ultra...

  • Joseph Kony 2012

    Joseph Kony 2012




    This is just one other tool to help raise the awareness of the murderer and child abducter Joseph Kony to the global community. The invisible children need your help. You can read much more by visiting their website. This is a free app and we will not be taking any donations on their behalf. To...

  • Rock Falls HD Live Wallpaper

    Rock Falls HD Live Wallpaper




    A stunning take of water flowing through jagged rocks captured and compiled as a live background for your Android phone! This is a live wallpaper and requires Android 2.1 or later. To install, from the home screen, press Menu, Wallpaper, Live Wallpaper, and select Rock Falls HD. **Be sure to...

  • Wintery Day HD Live Wallpaper

    Wintery Day HD Live Wallpaper




    A beautiful serene snow scene with real falling snow. This video background plays smooth, lets you control the speed of the snow, and is very realistic and in ultra high-definition. Issues reported for the following devices: Captivate Xperia Some Galaxy devices. To install this live...

  • Hollywood Film Live Wallpaper

    Hollywood Film Live Wallpaper




    This is a great live wallpaper for the entertainment industry. Anyone involved in the production or filming of any movies, shorts, comedies, or the like can appreciate this design. Also, if you just enjoy watching movies or tmz or even skim the pages of US Weekly then this might fit your...

  • Electric Blue Live Wallpaper

    Electric Blue Live Wallpaper




      This does NOT work on: Captivate Xperia Some Galaxy devices Enjoy this smooth seamless loop of electricity flowing from side to side on your Android device. This is a live wallpaper. To install: From the home screen, press menu, wallpaper, live wallpaper, select Blue Electric. **Visit the...

  • Getaway Live Wallpaper

    Getaway Live Wallpaper




    Does NOT work on Captivate devices Xperia devices Some Galaxy devices Some tablets This very blissful relaxing vacation atmosphere allows you to feel like your getting away even when you are not. The graphics are in high-definition (HD) and you get to control the speed of the animation as well...

  • Real Basketball HD

    Real Basketball HD




      -Real Basketball HD- Does NOT work on Captivate Xperia Some Galaxy devices Experience basketball in high-definition on the background of your Android device. Control the speed in the settings! tags- national, league, nba, champion, playoff, hoop, basket, swish, foul, tournament, ncaa,...

  • Real Soccer HD Live Wallpaper

    Real Soccer HD Live Wallpaper




      Does NOT work with: Xperia Devices Captivate Devices Some Galaxy Devices - Real Soccer HD is about the spirit of the sport. Fans from all over the world can appreciate this live wallpaper video background. To install: From the home screen, press menu, wallpaper, live wallpaper, and find...

  • All Sports HD

    All Sports HD




    Does NOT support: Xperia devices Captivate devices Some Galaxy devices Sports lovers and fans, this is a must for you. This live wallpaper covers many of the most popular sports around the world. The design is flawless in this seamless loop. This is a live wallpaper. To install...

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