• Forest Live Wallpaper

    Forest Live Wallpaper




    Forest Live Wallpaper is like a breath of fresh air among all the nature wallpapers that will bring some green magic into your life. Take a walk in the woods and explore the lush greenery with this amazing “HD wallpaper”. The enchanted forest awaits! If you adore green color, go ahead and explore...

  • Nature Live Wallpaper

    Nature Live Wallpaper




    Nature Live Wallpaper can make your smatrphone mesmerizing with ten breathtaking natural backgrounds. See the master pieces of Mother Nature at their best – discover a gorgeous waterfall, a mysterious deep forest, or a stunning laguna beach, all for free. Beautiful scenery and gorgeous images of...

  • Winter Live Wallpaper

    Winter Live Wallpaper




    Winter Live Wallpaper Winter Live Wallpaper can bring white and fluffy snowflakes to your phone or tablet screen in a heart beat. Color your life white and enter the world of the “winter wonderland” with this cool “live wallpaper”. Have fun with this app - tap on the screen whenever you want more...

  • Autumn Leaves Live Wallpaper

    Autumn Leaves Live Wallpaper




    Autumn Leaves Live Wallpaper Autumn Leaves Live Wallpaper can enrich your life and phone with gorgeous and free fall images. Whenever you want to decorate your screen, just tap on it and a new leaf colored in fall colors will appear immediately. The magic of autumn will enchant you! Immerse...

  • Snowfall Live Wallpaper

    Snowfall Live Wallpaper




    Snowfall Live Wallpaper Snowfall Live Wallpaper offers a fresh winter wonderland covered with gorgeous white snow, glistening in the sun. Have you been looking for a perfect winter wallpaper to capture the joy of the holiday season? Search no more, “let it snow” with the best “live wallpaper”...

  • Fireflies Live Wallpaper

    Fireflies Live Wallpaper




    Fireflies Live Wallpaper will make a romantic ambiance, lit by adorable flashes of fireflies under the stars. Gorgeous shiny live wallpaper bathed by subtle beams of light will make you fall in love with it immediately. Have fun with this glowing app – whenever you tap on the screen, a new...

  • Sakura Live Wallpaper

    Sakura Live Wallpaper




    Sakura Live Wallpaper will cover your phone screen with the beautiful cherry blossoms in a matter of seconds! Watch the wonderful blossoming flowers and “sakura tree” backgrounds varying from rose and pink to white color! Feel the scent of spring through the magical "Sakura Live...

  • Christmas Live Wallpaper

    Christmas Live Wallpaper




    Christmas Live Wallpaper is inspired by the most famous Christian holiday and is filled with various symbols of Xmas such as Christmas decorations, Santa Claus, a mistletoe and many more! Take delight in watching Santa's sleigh pulled by reindeer floating in different backgrounds and capture...

  • Koi Fish Live Wallpaper Free

    Koi Fish Live Wallpaper Free




    Koi Fish Live Wallpaper Free is the right live wallpaper for you if you like cool oriental fish. Experience mysterious “underwater world” of Japan with this pet carp on your very own phone screen. Download “Koi Fish Live Wallpaper Free” now completely free and explore the Koi world! Let your...

  • Cute Live Wallpapers

    Cute Live Wallpapers




    Cute Live Wallpaper allows you to gaze at a myriad of cutest baby animals that will put the sweetest smile on your face! The most adorable images of tiny kittens, puppies, baby birds and squirrels can be beautifying your phone or tablet screen. Fluffy and cute little rascals will be floating...

  • Rap Live Wallpaper

    Rap Live Wallpaper




    Rap Live Wallpaper is a perfect phone wallpaper for all fans of rap music! Beautify your phone with some of the most interesting images of your favorite type of music, and enjoy this original “live wallpaper” inspired by the beats and rap songs that you like! Bust a rhyme when the beat drops and...

  • Santa Claus Live Wallpaper

    Santa Claus Live Wallpaper




    Santa Claus Live Wallpaper brings Christmas and a winter wonderland. Beautify your phone with lovely images of Santa Claus, many presents, reindeer, and colorful backgrounds in the spirit of Christmas! Various pictures inspired by Santa and New Year's Eve could be your holiday wallpaper!...

  • Virgin Mary Live Wallpaper

    Virgin Mary Live Wallpaper




    Virgin Mary Live Wallpaper is inspired by the the embodiment of grace, hope, love and motherhood, Holy Mother Mary. The everlasting interest in the religious figure of Holy Mary has resulted in creating this inspiring wallpaper. Download this free application and fill your phone with different...

  • Tigers Live Wallpaper

    Tigers Live Wallpaper




    Tigers Live Wallpaper offers fierce and breathtaking “Tiger Backgrounds” completely free. The “eye of the tiger” philosophy is a way of life. Have the embodiment of that fearless and daring philosophy on your tablet or phone screen and make your phone roar! If you're looking for a cool “live...

  • Smiley Live Wallpaper

    Smiley Live Wallpaper




    Enrich your phone with the wonderful light blue live wallpaper for girls filled with colorful smiley faces! Enjoy watching purple, green, red, yellow smiley emoticons floating in the amazing blue background! Download the lovely wallpaper right now! - Perfect live wallpaper for Android! -...

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