• Lips Live Wallpaper

    Lips Live Wallpaper




    Lips Live Wallpaper is a fabulous “live wallpaper” for the coolest girls out there. Glamorize your dull phone with a lovely live wallpaper full of sensual, shiny and luscious lips in many different colors! If you're looking for an interesting and attractive wallpaper, this is the right...

  • Waterfall Live Wallpaper

    Waterfall Live Wallpaper




    Waterfall Live Wallpaper is the perfect new live wallpaper for your phone! Several images of the world's most beautiful and breathtaking falls! Angel Falls, Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls and other impressive falls- you choose which one you like the most! Download Waterfall Live Wallpaper now...

  • Galaxy S3 Live Wallpaper

    Galaxy S3 Live Wallpaper




    Galaxy S3 Live Wallpaper for all fans of Galaxy phones out there! Have images of the most popular phone in 2012. on your own phone screen. Sleek design and thin chassis make this phone a great model for live wallpaper backgrounds! Download Galaxy S3 Live Wallpaper now for free and enjoy it before...

  • Galaxy S4 Live Wallpaper

    Galaxy S4 Live Wallpaper




    Galaxy S4 Live Wallpaper is the new live wallpaper all smartphone lovers have been waiting for! Galaxy S3 was amazing, but now prepare for Galaxy S4! Several backgrounds with impressive images of the new phone of the year - the new star of 2013. mobile world! Download Galaxy S4 Live Wallpaper...

  • Jesus Live Wallpaper

    Jesus Live Wallpaper




    Jesus Live Wallpaper can be a perfect reminder that you should never lose hope, nor faith in a better tomorrow. Do you like religious backgrounds? In that case, you have found the ideal new live application – just download this free app and decorate your screen with truly surreal images of the...

  • Galaxy Note 8 Live Wallpaper

    Galaxy Note 8 Live Wallpaper




    Galaxy Note 8 Live Wallpaper is an exciting new wallpaper for your smartphone! If you are a true technology lover, then this amazing application is created especially for you! Say hello to the new Galaxy Note 8.0, your everyday companion in life. With its amazing performance and the natural feel...

  • Halloween Live Wallpaper Free

    Halloween Live Wallpaper Free




    Halloween Live Wallpaper is a new cool wallpaper that lets you explore all the nooks and crannies where Halloween monsters are hiding – see a witch flying on her broom, a blood- thirsty vampire or a scary ghost whenever you tap on the screen! Do you like to play dress up and put on the craziest...

  • Cute Panda Live Wallpaper

    Cute Panda Live Wallpaper




    If you adore pictures of cute animals and you want to beautify your phone with a new original live wallpaper, Cute Panda Live Wallpaper is the right choice for you! You can enjoy watching different cute panda pictures and relax your eyes on the lovely green backgrounds! Don't miss the chance...

  • Butterfly Live Wallpaper

    Butterfly Live Wallpaper




    Butterfly Live Wallpaper is the embodiment of grace and beauty. Enjoy watching plenty of cute little butterflies in many different colors on this amazing “live wallpaper” for girls! Make your phone lively and colorful with the gorgeous butterflies in pink, purple, orange, yellow and many more...

  • Turkey Live Wallpaper

    Turkey Live Wallpaper




    Did you know that Istanbul is the only city in the world built on two continents? Attractive sights of Istanbul and other Turkish national symbols - now available on your phone wallpaper! Enjoy watching the great mosques, Pamukkale - the historic site, Turkish national flag, Evil Eye - the well...

  • Tribals Tattoo Live Wallpaper

    Tribals Tattoo Live Wallpaper




    Tribals Tattoo Live Wallpaper is ideal for all of you who adore tattoos - download this cool live application and enrich your phone with various images of “tribal tattoos”! Symbols of Celtic, African, Polynesian and other tribes just for your phone wallpaper! Enjoy the majestic blue, red and pink...

  • Jewish Live Wallpaper

    Jewish Live Wallpaper




    Jewish Live Wallpaper is ideal for all Jews and those who admire Jewish culture and tradition. It is a perfect decoration for a phone screen, since it is inspired by various beautiful images of the Jewish religion – see a beautiful menorah, the well known Jewish Star, or the “Star of David”,...

  • Snowflake Live Wallpaper

    Snowflake Live Wallpaper




    Snowflake Live Wallpaper allows you to see beautiful tiny miracles falling from the sky, each one with its unique design. Get it now and experience the magic of this gorgeous “winter wonderland”, even if there is no snow outside! A cool new app offers “Snowflake Backgrounds” lets you fill your...

  • Liverpool Live Wallpaper

    Liverpool Live Wallpaper




    Liverpool Live Wallpaper is a cool new “live wallpaper” for all Liverpool fans! Everything you need and love about your favorite football team in just one place! Download “Liverpool Wallpaper” and you'll never miss a thing related to your number one club! You'll love it as much as you...

  • Mexico Live Wallpaper

    Mexico Live Wallpaper




    Mexico Live Wallpaper will allow you to travel to Mexico any day of the year! Visit some of the greatest tourist sites of the Mexican States and have them displayed on your screen, along with the cool national symbols. Use the chance to decorate your phone or tablet with “Mexico Background” you...

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