• Angel Live Wallpaper

    Angel Live Wallpaper




    Angel Live Wallpaper is elegantwallpaper depicting lovely angels on sparkling starrybackgrounds. Angels with their white wings, straight fromHeaven to your phone, enjoy the view of these divine beings beautifying your phone screen. Have your beautiful guardian at hand always, download Angel Live...

  • Jesus Christ Icon LWP

    Jesus Christ Icon LWP




    ”Jesus Christ Icon Live Wallpaper” is a brand new and free “live wallpaper” inspired by the Son of God. If you are a true believer, pictures of “Jesus Christ” would be great for your phone background! Download this divine app and fill your screen with religious images of the Savior, the...

  • Cristo Redentor Live Wallpaper

    Cristo Redentor Live Wallpaper




    "Cristo Redentor Live Wallpaper" is an exquisite and original “live wallpaper” inspired by one of the most amazing statues in Brazil and even in the world! Choose this great background and your phone will be overwhelmed by a number of majestic pictures of Christ the Redeemer! Enjoy...

  • Spider Live Wallpaper

    Spider Live Wallpaper




    Did you know that spiders cannot physically die of natural causes? If kept safe, a it can continue to live and grow larger for a theoretically unlimited amount of time. In fact, in China there exists a collection of 'holy' spiders, hatched some 2,800 years ago! For all those interested in...

  • Skulls Live Wallpaper

    Skulls Live Wallpaper




    Skulls Live Wallpaper is a cool and unique new app that will blow your mind with its creative and gloomy backgrounds! Do you like horror movies? If so, “Skull Backgrounds” are perfect for you and your phone or tablet! Download this cool application and fill your phone with different pictures of...

  • Yin Yang Live Wallpaper

    Yin Yang Live Wallpaper




    Fill your phone screen with different pictures of Yin Yang symbol and keep them as your lucky charm! Get this traditional Chinese symbol as part of your live wallpaper and ensure the perfect balance in your life! Yin Yang sings for your phone background - available in this free application! -...

  • Glowing Stars Live Wallpapers

    Glowing Stars Live Wallpapers




    Let the wonderful stars shine on your screen! Spill out a lot of colorful stars and let them enrich your phone with the magical glow! Be ready to make a wish-you will maybe see a shooting star! Perfect live wallpaper for Android! Interactive background-Tap anywhere on the screen and new stars...

  • Earth from Space Wallpaper

    Earth from Space Wallpaper




    Earth from Space Live Wallpaper is the perfect new background for your smartphone! Our beautiful planet makes a lovely desktop image! If you have always wanted to see the Earth from Outer Space but you don’t happen to be an astronaut, do not worry- this unique app offers you that chance! Just...

  • Puppies Live Wallpaper

    Puppies Live Wallpaper




    Puppies Live Wallpaper is the sweetest and the cutest “live wallpaper” filled with fuzzy and cuddly little puppies you can find on the market! You have the chance to watch the cutest puppies of different breeds and colors in the amusing puppy-like backgrounds. Imagine that! All is possible with...

  • I Love You Live Wallpaper

    I Love You Live Wallpaper




    I Love You Live Wallpaper can fill your screen with the sweetest words of love! Make your phone desktop pretty with lovely red and pink backgrounds! Cute hearts and hot kisses are waiting just for you! Surround yourself with love by downloading for free this amazing live wallpaper and you’ll be...

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